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Albertstraße dresden

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Albertstraße Dresden

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To the north which closes Hauptstaatsarchiv Dresden on. Table of Contents. It is located in the Innere Neustadt district and is part of an important north-south axis through the urban area.

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The name also lasted in the Third Reich. Newly deed. Since then, the road has albertstraße dresden of four lanes, two in each direction, without a green strip in the middle. The area around Albertstrasse was within the fortifications of Altendresden, which were completed in the 17th century. Motor trafficpublic transportpedestrian trafficbicycle traffic. The Sarrasani Circus stood there until the war.


After the end of the war, street names reminiscent of the Albertstraße dresden monarchy were undesirable in the Soviet occupation zone. Street length. While it stretches on the east side of the street to Albertplatz, on the west side it only extends to Jorge-Gomondai -Platz, where the St. Franziskus Xaverius Church stood before the war. The Albert Street is a downtown all the main street in Dresden.

This building was built until and houses the main department of the Saxon State Archive. The ten storeys in the southern part of the west side of Albertstrasse, however, have house s from Sarrasanistrasse, which still runs west of the tram tracks.

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During the GDR era, Albertstrasse was drastically widened towards the west. When, as a result of the city fire of under August the Strong, the district was redeed in baroque style at the beginning of the 18th century, the eastern part of what is now Neustadtin which today's Albertstrasse is also located, was kept free for barracks. The tram tracks, which were originally in the middle of the street, were relocated to the west side of the street and provided with a green strip.

Street in Dresden. To the north of the archive and market hall, the residential development continues on both albertstraße dresden in the form of six-storey prefabricated buildings from the late GDR era. Home Albertstraße dresden.

The meter-wide traffic train, which also includes tram tracks west of the albertstraße dresden, expands after meters over a short section to what is popularly known as the Archive Square. Inner New Town. The area around Albertstrasse was partially destroyed in the devastating air raids in Februarywhich was followed by the demolition of large parts of the Wilhelminian style residential development, as well as the Church of St. Franziskus Xaverius on Albertplatz and the Sarrasani circus building on Carolaplatz. AlbertplatzCarolaplatz.

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User groups. The high demand for plots for new living space favored the relocation of the units of the in after the Franco-Prussian War Saxon Army in the new Albertstadt.

Army Corps in the Battle of Gravelotte in August "Bataille de Saint-Privat" earned merits, which is why the square in the middle of Albertstrasse at the level of the main state archive was initially called "St. Cross streets.

The urban development effect of the wide aisle in the middle of the city center is now considered devastating. Petersburger Strasse as federal road Albertstraße dresden to the four-lane street are tram tracks, which are used by lines 3, 7 and 8 of the Dresden tram. Most of the development along Albertstrasse consists of prefabricated buildings from the s and s.

On the south east side of the road leading from its proximity to Albertstraße dresden government district is characterized that has Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs is established. Due to serious structural defects, it was closed in March [3] and demolished on November 13, It has replaced a level crossing controlled by pedestrian traffic lights.

Northern part of Albertstrasse. This was to continue as one of the star-shaped streets leading to the square in a southerly direction in an Elbe bridge.