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Avatar hama

Hama : The guards were always careful to keep any water away from us. They piped in dry air and had us suspended away from the ground. Before giving us any water, they would bind our hands and feet so we couldn't Bend.

Avatar Hama

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The Hundred Year War that plagued Avatar: The Last Airbender tore apart the Four Nations as the Fire Nation asserted their dominance over the rest of the globe, and without the Avatar to stop them, it seemed there was no other option. As Aang slept in his iceberg, waiting for the day he could reemerge and restore balance to the world, the Water Tribe only fell further avatar hama chaos, and one casualty of the carnage was the waterbender Hama. As fans would learn in avatar hama show's third season, Hama was far from innocent herself. She developed the unique ability to bloodbend to escape prison and inflict her vengeance on the Fire Nation until Team Avatar stopped her.

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You need to to do this. Congratulations, Katara.

The Fire Nation had been fearful of the Avatar's rebirth into the Southern Water Tribe, so they sent raiding ships to capture the waterbenders, taking them away and leaving them in horrible prisoner-of-war camps, with virtually no water to bend or space to move. You're a bloodbender.

Hama : It's my greatest treasure. Hama : My work is done.

Avatar hama water in places you never think about. Media sources:. Hama broke out long ago, and has spent the rest of her life as a normal Fire Nation citizen, trying to forget her painful imprisonment. Hama explains how she developed the technique of bloodbending, and then performs it on Katara.

The puppetmaster

Overjoyed at being waterbenders from the avatar hama tribe, Hama and Katara immediately bond, and Hama agrees to teach Katara, as she knows how dangerous it can be for a waterbender in strange lands. Hama : You would have me use my feminine charms to take advantage of that poor man?

Community Showcase More. Her use-the-water-in-the-environment tricks came from developing bloodbending, a disturbing kind of waterbending that uses the full-moon power boost to allow a waterbender to control the water in human blood. She's from the Southern Water Tribe.

Katara can use her own waterbending to resist Hama, but Aang and Sokka aren't so lucky. Example of: People Puppets. Still traveling through the Fire Nation in disguise, our heroes take shelter in a forest for the night.

'avatar' fan theory: how hama may have indirectly caused the demise of katara's mom

Get Known if you don't have an. Beat Who wants more tea? Katara is forced to use Hama's technique against her, and although Hama is captured and the day is saved, Katara can't easily escape Hama's last words to her:.

Hama knows techniques to pull water out of the surrounding environment, like out of plants and from water vapor in the air, and she gladly shows these techniques to Katara. The Puppetmaster Hama explains how she developed the technique of bloodbending, and then performs it on Katara.

Feedback Video Example avatar hama :. However, something is still out there in the woods, making people disappear on nights of the full moon, and the rest of the Gaang investigates what must surely be a Spirit World-related phenomenon, even though there seems to be nothing to upset the spirits in such a beautiful town.

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Hama used this ability in her breakout, and now uses it to get revenge on the nation that treated her so badly. She's become twisted by her obsession, and she wants Katara to follow in her footsteps. The Avatar hama then discovers Hama's even darker secret - she is the one who's been imprisoning the townspeople. Then they come across a hidden cave under the mountain, where the vanished Fire Nation citizens have been imprisoned - controlled by their own bodies during the full moon, like some puppetmaster avatar hama manipulating them.

Something seems decidedly odd about Hama, however, leading the Gaang to investigate - and Hama's dark secret is revealed.

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Katara naturally refuses, so Hama forces her hand by using bloodbending against her, Aang, and Sokka. How well does it match the trope? Show Spoilers.

However, a kindly old woman named Hama discovers them and invites them to her inn, warning the group of the mysterious disappearances in the woods. She avatar hama how she was a little girl when the war was relatively new, and she spent her early life in the Southern Water Tribe as a waterbender fighting to defend it. Follow TV Tropes.

It's the last thing I owned from growing up in the Southern water tribe.