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Bayreuth sex

James has also written a of articles for the Oregon Arts Commission and contributed articles to the 2nd edition of the Grove Dictionary of American Music. That was one of the few nice touches in this production.

Bayreuth Sex

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Kevin Clarke is the curator of an exhibition on the life, and in particular the sexuality, of Siegfried Wagner that runs until 26th June at the Schwules Museum Berlin. I sent Dr. Below are his unedited responses. In what ways, if any, should Siegfried Wagner's sexuality be important to lovers of Richard Wagner's music dramas? Do bayreuth sex think Siegfried's sexuality had any effect on how he led the Bayreuth festival? What a person desires — sexually or otherwise — always influences his or her view of the world.

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An illustration by H. Footnote Richard Wagner writing to Franz Liszt, 15 January Liszt-Briefe II nr. Perhaps we should be grateful that he was unable, since he gave so much in the world of art.

Few men can do that: scarcely any priest would undertake to be capable of doing so, and as an artist, not having undertaken the mission of a priest, is even less capable. He spent a quarter of a century working on The Ringto put forward a truth which is still ignored by society today: that the pursuit of power is the root of all evil, and that love, or better, the renunciation bayreuth sex the material world, is the only good.

The answer is that the question is based on the false premise that an artist should be capable of practising what he preaches. The Symbolism of Parsifal. Hence the resumption of the idea of renunciation, with more explicitly religious symbolism, in the work that followed: Parsifal.

Bayreuth sex all, the sex in Parsifal actually is evil, being pure sexual gratification without love, and without even having an interest in the partner as a person; and the chastity in Parsifal actually is good, being essential for a brotherhood devoted to a great spiritual task. In fact, Wagner himself lends support to this point of view in a remarkable sentence he once wrote: Mine is a highly susceptible, intense, voracious sensuality, which must somehow or other be flattered if my mind is to accomplish the agonising labour of calling a non-existent world into being.

Seen from the point bayreuth sex view of our own time, its symbolism, on the face of it, presents a black-and-white conflict between sex, as an evil thing, and chastity, as a good thing. Wagner's artistic heart and ideals were in the right place, whatever he may have done in his everyday life.

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And so it would seem to recommend the sick view of certain religious sects, which has caused untold suffering and mental illness through the ages, and which we are still trying to eradicate today. From bayreuth sex Program Note by Deryck Cooke, Left: Parsifal and the Flower Maidens. He did not regard his music-dramas as entertainment, even in the highest sense, nor are they: they are, in the broadest sense of the word, religious moralities — profound artistic expressions of the conflict between the good creative and evil destructive ways of life.

Wagner realised his own spiritual limitations: he bayreuth sex driven by his musico-dramatic genius, and it was a sheer necessity for him that his "sensuality" should be "flattered", if he was to carry out the demands of that genius.

Wagner's heart-searching music certainly confirms this, since what it expresses, in the most noble way, is purity of spirit, loss of purity, suffering, compassion, love, renunciation and regeneration. Inside Wagner the bayreuth sex, as he himself said, was a saint trying to get out: in his life, the saint never got out at all but something like it did in his art, and above all in Parsifal.

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Monsalvat: the Parsifal home Deryck Cooke. The answer to the problem is that bayreuth sex symbolism, like most symbolism, is not as simple as it looks; because Wagner, certainly in Parsifalwas treating the subject in a very special, confined way. So Parsifal would seem to be a difficult work to identify ourselves with — the more so since it is by Wagner, of all people: he himself lived a full sexual life, he symbolized in Tristan und Isolde the transcendental value of sexual love, and he revealed in Die Meistersinger an affectionate fellow-feeling with the normal human situation — two young people so much in love that they can hardly wait to get married.

Both sex and chastity, most of us believe, can be good or evil, according to the context in which either occurs and to how far the people involved are aware of the consequences bayreuth sex both. There are no ordinary men or women in Parsifal and so the whole vast middle ground of normal sexual love is simply omitted.

That Wagner still recognised this middle ground as being there, and as a normal and natural thing, is evident when Gurnemanz turns Parsifal out of the Hall of the Grail at the end of Act I, with the words "A gander should look for a goose! To be a saint, he would have had bayreuth sex give up everything, even his art, and that he was simply unable to do.