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Cafe annemarie graz

To improve support for screen readers, please open this link. Go to overview of sections. Based on these insights, REASON examines which legal requirements for statistical models can be derived from the constitutional principles of democracythe rule of lawand the liberal state.

Cafe Annemarie Graz

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Imprint Contact Editorial Team Data protection declaration. Social media:. The workshop was separated in two distinct panels and featured renowned keynote speakers and panelists from different institutions.

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Defying the technology-neutrality narrative, in the regulation of civil liability for advanced technologies. The Legal Framework Analysis focuses on the legal implications of utilizing disruptive technologies in the public administration sector. The keynotes were followed by an engaged discussion with the invited panelists.

Tina Ehrke Rabel and Univ Prof. Diskutieren Sie diese….

Privacy by De: Tackling the Wicked. It highlights the relevant provisions on the level of primary law and secondary lawwhile also considering the non-binding EU Legal Framework. Andrea Bertolini is assistant professor of Private Law at the Dirpolis Institute and adjunct professor in private law at the University of Pisa.

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With almost active participants coming from various institutional and disciplinary backgrounds, the workshop enabled a broad discussion on the cafe annemarie graz challenges and opportunities disruptive technologies can bring to the public administration sector.

Her presentation, which gave an overview of the achievements made in the ETAPAS project so far and the tasks to come, was followed by an introduction by Annemarie Hoferscience manager and science communicator at the department of Iris EisenbergerInstitute for Public Law and Political Science, who gave an overview of the Legal Framework Analysis conducted at the University of Graz.

The Innovation Law Team surrounding Prof. Eisenberger and The Invisible Lab are hosting the second De…. Annemarie Hofer, More News All German only.

Go to overview of sections. Further information on the keynote speakers and panelists, as well as abstracts and useful links can be found in the program.

To improve support for screen readers, please open this link. Iris Eisenberger, M. LSE and consists of Mag. Annemarie HoferMag. HonsB. Wie soll unser Energiesystem der Zukunft aussehen? On 25 th of Novemberthe ETAPAS team at Uni Graz held an online dissemination workshop focusing on the legal aspects of disruptive technologies in the public administration sector.