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Devote frauen berlin

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Devote Frauen Berlin

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The rescue of the star fairy Mira. We are not alone. Spaceship Earth. Unendliche Weiten Infinite expanses. Caling in the Wind.

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And we also exerted this attraction over women.

The Action Council was without a doubt the most successful undertaking to emerge from the student movement, since within just a few months its members had founded twelve alternative nursery schools, an after-school center and eighteen functioning working groups. Women with leadership aspirations and a dogmatic orientation could not accept wildly proliferating, uncontrolled working groups like the one on sexuality.

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Then there was Helke Sander with her preschool group. Berlin Goes Feminist.

They were such strict Marxists it was mindboggling. Berlin goes feminist.

They dominated because they were already university instructors and I was only in my first semester. Only in this way can we do justice to our political aspirations. For that reason it was suggested that the Action Council should centrally structure and systematize the activities of the working groups.

Now the time has come to finally get something done. It was harder to assert yourself against women like Frigga Haug and Jutta Menschik. Their objectives and methods also needed to be defined precisely.

The minutes of the Weiberrat for October suggest the immense pressure that women exerted on one another:. They were to read the works of Karl Marx, Vladimir I. In West Germany, feminist intent was completely swallowed up by the dogmatic Left.

We spent one and a half years trying to create the conditions so we could work. It persisted only in the USA, and temporarily in the Scandinavian countries and in Holland, since the moral pressure of the class struggle tradition had never weighed down the movement as much there.

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This is what she had to say about the Action Council for the Liberation of Women:. At any rate it was about critiquing Freudian notions of female sexuality. Ulla Naumann begins by describing how she experienced the conflict with the Action Council as a new university student.

We were beautiful from the inside out, as they say. The conversation with Frigga Haug in a later chapter gives some impression of this work. They were constantly having problems with primary and secondary contradictions — I had no such problems.

Also essential was the anti-authoritarian approach in new concepts of childrearing and the challenge to or replacement of long outmoded educational goals…. We often got positive feedback from men about how beautiful we were because we had stopped wearing makeup and were doing our own thing, were more rooted in ourselves.

Berlin Goes Feminist site notice privacy policy. What do survive are the position papers, which only allow us to follow the factional battles. At the beginning it was rather fascinating, because the men kept trying to disrupt. We had objectives, our own objectives, and this sort of thing gets conveyed as beauty, I think.