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Dominastudio nürnberg

Beings and specimens who are indulgent rather than compulsive will gain favor.

Dominastudio Nürnberg

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Wolf jr. Winery Wine Tastings Instagram.

Wines: Silvaner: A dry white wine made with the region's traditional varietal Silvaner. These were sold by the owner in when Germany's wine industry came to an almost complete stop due to the phylloxera plague. Dominastudio nürnberg production of exquisite wines has been thriving in the wine region since the s with overall wine quality having reached extremely high levels over the past ten years as lauded by international acclaim, especially in the field of dry white wines.

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Riesling: A dry white wine made with Riesling, Germany's most famous grape variety, regarded as its dominastudio nürnberg standard. Melusine: A semi-dry pink wine, made by pressing white and red grapes together to create a wonderfully light in color and fruity blush wine. Domina: A dry red regional grape variety suited for making deep-bodied yet fruity red wines with strongly-limited yields.

The three wine makers at Wein von 3, Alexander, Heiko, Christian www. This wine most uniquely represents Franken's typical wine style.

Village Things to do. Franconia had overcome this catastrophe by grafting German varieties onto resistant rootstock. The perfect wine to celebrate after dinner or in front of an open fire in winter. One can already smell the fresh fruit aromas.

It can be a Summer party wine, especially well-suited for spicy and savory food. The estate has a history of wine production, as in past centuries the castle was home to a flourishing winery; the size of which can only be guessed by the dimensions of a ificant wine-pressing hall which housed four large wine presses and large fermenting barrels.

The winery dominastudio nürnberg based at Schloss Zeilitzheim, a Baroque castle and country estate that Alexander von Halem inherited in His parents began restoration of the castle in the late s through the present period.

Fuchs v. Aged in French oak for about months, depending on the vintage. Dominastudio nürnberg and restoring the castle as a winery of high-quality wines using local premier grape varieties is a critical focus and important mission for the three wine makers who hope the are found to be inspiring to the palate. Petrini: A white sparkling wine typical for the region.

The winery compliments hotel and cultural events, in addition to other private and public business activities at the castle. Alexander von Halem comes to the business with the perspective of a wine enthusiast and is a certified wine tour guide.

And be sure to visit the castle and winery and to taste the wines! His two colleagues are specially trained wine-makers who in addition have formal university educations in the fields of wine-making which add to their practical wine-making job skills.

Both have ificant experience in the field that predate the founding of their own winery in On a little over 2 hectares Silvaner: A dry white wine made with the region's traditional varietal Silvaner. Reminiscent in style of Napa Chardonnays with a distinguishable local touch.

Dominastudio nürnberg

The von Halem family have been running a small hotel at the Schloss for the last 25 years. It is located in one of Germany's most famous wine-growing regions, Franconia Franken in German in northern Bavaria. Baron: A heavy, dry white wine dominastudio nürnberg in a "Barrique", or, Liter barrel made of American oak.

Perfect for receptions, parties, BBQs.