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Erotik hotels

People love finding creative ways to satisfy the most basic of human urges.

Erotik Hotels

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Many hotels shy away from the obvious fact that some couples are using their rooms as their own little private dens of vice.

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By Leslie Garrett January 14, Save Pin FB More. In a country in which many generations live together under one roof, auto hotels give amorous adults privacy not to mention props that range from stripper poles to sex chairs.

Viagra is on the menu. The next channel: porn.

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But when Allen turned on the television, hoping to catch up on the news, she realized that something was different about Hotel La Marina. Every single channel available was showing porn.

But other people they met on the road kept describing auto hotels, says Mize, as "the most cost-effective, safest, and most convenient way to go. Guests pay in advance for the block of time they wish erotik hotels stay usually priced for four- eight- or twelve-hour optionspull their vehicle into the garage, and then enter their room through the connecting door. Hotel-branded condoms are provided.

Of course not every auto hotel is going to have an in-room lap pool and open-air skylight. Indeed, privacy is the point. Payments in cash, a garage to hide your car, room-service Viagra: these sorts of amenities seem almost specifically deed for cheating.

The nicer ones, explains Sherwood Anders, are well worth the extra investigative effort. Credit: Courtesy of Whitney Allen. Pet lovers have a particular affinity for auto hotels, adds Jakubik, because "98 percent of them allow pets" in a country of hotels that often have no-pet policies.

Why should i visit a telo?

Mexican auto hotels might have an unsavory, pay-by-the-hour reputation, but some of them are downright erotik hotels, offering upscale amenities like in-room mini pools and open skylights. Some of the smaller ones offer only a shower curtain as a garage door and the sheets, though usually clean, are well-worn. Looking for specific recommendations? Don't be afraid, she says, to ask to see a room.

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The experience of staying in an auto hotel, however, is definitely different from most hotel visits. AutoHotel Las Palmas. All rights reserved.

Often used by road trippers making their way around Mexico, auto hotels feature a single-vehicle garage connected to a room via a door. Whitney Allen was en route from San Diego to her condo in Akumal, Mexico, when her husband suggested they spend the night in an auto hotel. These are a few of the auto erotik hotels that our sources recommend.

Room service menus can include Viagra, lube, or condoms listed alongside tacos and cervezas. Read on:.

Would you stay at a sex hotel if it were really, really nice?

As they drove to the Hotel La Marina in Tampico, Allen steeled herself for what she assumed would be bare-bones accommodations; she just hoped their room would be clean. Absolutely," says Anders. Kevin McKee, an American ex-pat who frequently travels with a packed vehicle, says that auto hotels offer a level of safety that most others in the erotik hotels lack. Leslie Garrett is an award-winning journalist and author of more than a dozen books.

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Not surprisingly, erotik hotels is too sure who owns most auto hotels. This emphasis on discretion is one of the reasons that auto hotels are often used as a rendezvous spot for couples having an affair. Auto Hotel Las Palmaswhere Mize stayed with her husband, displays a grainy photo and advertises "Room with swing!!! Facebook s for a few read like neon "girls, girls, girls" s outside a strip club.

Follow her on Twitter. The first channel she turned on: porn.

In fact, travelers cite the security at auto hotels as part of its appeal. Cost is another key attraction.

Credit: AutoHotel Las Palmas. Even the food is generally cheap and "remarkably good," says Sherwood Anders. Another strange amenity: the pack of condoms in the bathroom, nestled in a basket of products alongside the body lotion and shampoo.

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Turns out, says Anders, her housekeeper goes there with her husband every Saturday night because they have three adult children and two grandchildren who live with them. There is, however, a Kama Sutra chair. But when they pulled up to the hotel, "it was glorious," she says.

Often located on the outskirts of towns, auto hotels have long catered to a specific crowd, but the ones in Mexico are erotik hotels best-kept-secret status among travelers willing to overlook their no-tell reputation in exchange for a clean, safe place to lay their he and secure parking for their vehicles.