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But there are no data that show that bleeding gums, sore throats, bad teeth, or mouth sores actually increase the risk of transmission. That said, oral sex can transmit gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and syphilis, so sexually active men and women who have oral sex should get regular STD check-ups at least every six months, if not more, depending on how gay oralsex new partners folks have.

He performed oral sex on me as well. I am very worried about Hep. What is the truth? For years, either we have not had data or had bad data. How safe am I? I was wondering how safe oral sex is-giving and receiving.

Questions about oral sex are probably the most common ones I get. But, other STDs like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes are definitely transmitted through oral sex, and oral sex has likely contributed to our current syphilis outbreak.

The sexual transmission of Hepatitis C is very rare as well. A very recent study from Spain confirmed earlier studies that oral sex is safe sex in terms of HIV, and it is very, very uncommon for oral sex to transmit HIV—it may gay oralsex as low as zero risk. How safe is Oral Sex? We only had oral sex. Other sources of information in the U.

But remember, other STDs can be transmitted easily via gay oralsex sex. Hep C has not been transmitted via kissing. When researchers study Hepatitis C in semen it is very difficult to find the virus, and when they do the amount is very low.

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A good check-up includes throat testing gay oralsex gonorrhea, rectal testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia, urine testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia and blood tests for herpes, syphilis and HIV. We call that the grand slam! As you know, many of these infections are easily diagnosed with simple tests and are readily treated.

In those check-ups, get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, get screened in your throat, ass and urine for chlamydia and gonorrhea and get blood tests for HIV, syphilis and herpes. Hepatitis C is mostly transmitted through contaminated needles, blood transfusions and shared injection equipment.

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What is the latest thinking about unprotected oral sex between men? Oral sex has not been associated with HIV transmission.

Hep B can be transmitted via oral sex and kissing, but there are very good shots to prevent Hep B. So if you are concerned, get the shots. These tests are out there and essential to maintaining good sexual health. We noticed that where he was kissing, there was a stain, and there was apparently some blood in his saliva-he bit his lip earlier presumably.

I was recently with a gay oralsex and he happened to start kissing my chest while I had a white T-shirt on.

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Be kind, be cool and be safe. We recently completed a study of men in San Francisco who have only had oral sex and found zero new HIV infections.

So my advice is: Enjoy oral sex and get regular check-ups. Now, reliable data shows the risk of HIV from oral sex is either zero or very, very low.

In terms of HIV, oral sex both ways is very, very safe. So regular check-ups are in order.