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Harem game

A tale of demons and angels who fall in love with a human. Led by the red moon, you reach an alternate dimension called "Nightmare. On your way home from the office, you are led by the red moon to a strange alternate dimension called "Nightmare.

Harem Game

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The year is 20XX.

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Goodre Group Haremgamelitbooks. One week. More than anything else, it takes belief.

Legend of the phoenix

Inmate reached the end of his harem game after ten grueling years. December 7, 0. November 20, 0. Just one more week. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. The 7 Deadly Sins, Moving In When Horace gets fired from his dead-end job, an unexpected lady gives him the courage to stand up for himself.

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Seven days since they set the world on fire and put humanity on a fast track to extinction. October 16, 0. September 22, 0. Harem GameLit Books.

The maid in the reverse harem game wants to quit

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When life in his family grove becomes too boring to bear, a young druid decides to explore the exciting world of humans. View this group on Goodre » Share book reviews and ratings with Haremgamelitbooks. December 11, 0.

Harem game

Sun Elf Kings rule with impunity. It takes money. GSW—aka a gunshot wound—back to front. January 12, 0.

Elves are the undisputed masters of the world. An attempted hit leaves galactic bounty hunter Furman Simms without a ship. Follow Me When her follow count drops dramatically, a cyborg influencer stumbles on an offer for a new and unique gimmick and decides to go for it.

The maid in the reverse harem game wants to quit

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The road to the Olympics is a long path. In yourself and those you care about.

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Moon Elf squires and servants are their right hands. October 30, 0. The challenges are varied. All rights belong to their respective owners. When the world of the Faeries began to collapse, they sought refuge in the only place they could. With gatling guns.

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November 6, 0. Knowing that his elf companions had also been given new life by the angelic being known as Quala was a supreme joy. January 19, 0.

March 24, 0. Contains books one and two of My Ninja Girl for a single credit, an action-packed harem adventure series where cultivation and cyberpunk collide. December 4, 0.

When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate jugger player, he decides to go for it. Some posts may be sponsored.

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Tags Aaron Crash andrea parsneau athens audible audiobook buy catgirls cyberpunk Dante King download dual narration eden redd elves Eric Vall fantasy free download futanari gamelit George Saoulidis girls greek gods greek mythology harem Harmon Cooper jack porter Jamie Hawke jugger kindle kindle unlimited litrpg logan jacobs magic marcus sloss Mark Albany monster girls mse mythology randi darren reading scifi shawn keys simon archer succubus superpowers William D. For Authors: Submit a book. Ajax was alive. James Rearden knew what he was: A career officer dedicated harem game advancing in the Royal Australian Navy to the ranks of Command.

That in itself was a wonder to him. November 29, 0. If that sounds interesting to you, then welcome back! October 23, 0. No one is safe from the Demon War…not even the dead. January 27, 0.

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November 3, 0. Dead Gorgeous When a professional dronehunter dies from an electrocution accident, he meets his Reaper face to face. December 13, 0.

February 19, 0. That salvation lay in the hope of resurrection and rebirth. It takes effort. That is, until the wrong question led to a beating with an inclusive stay in the fridge.

No ship means no work. My Ninja Girl, book one Killer nuns. Disclaimers This is a service to the readers.

December 18, 0.