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Herten saunaclub

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Herten Saunaclub

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Pauschalclub Dieselstr. Club Amore Breite Str. Villa Exclusive Hansaring Greven www. Mausis Sauna Club Bahnhofstrasse 4 Dortmund mausi-und-team. Partytreff Willich Siemensring 7 Willich partytreff-willich. Partytreff Dorsten Beckenkamp 22 Dorsten partytreff-dorsten.

Name: Callie
Jahre: 25

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I've herten saunaclub returned from a night herten saunaclub Mondial night of Saturday 14 March. In doggy-style, she kept her back arched and the angle was quite bad. She was professional but good at the job, and is quite cute so I really enjoyed it. There was exactly one seat free and it took some getting to, past many guys and snuggled. Even more than one in a visit. Inside, there were far more men than girls; I'd estimate at least, maybe up tofor the of men vs girls around the bar and dance floor.

Bad service. Not worth the money I've just returned from a night at Mondial night of Saturday 14 March. She was wearing a top that covered her entire breasts and midriff, a dangerbut her face was so pretty I herten saunaclub past it. Inside for those who haven't read other reviews is a fairly small bar, dance floor, and a few other seating areas including a row of seats down some stairs.

As it happened, once the top came off she had saggy breasts and stomach fat.

The club was very slightly emptier now. Isabel: After a shower I met Isabel, a cute dark-haired, oval-faced Romanian. I think she didn't want to be doing the job. I've memorized which lockers are good ie. Sometimes some girls rely on looks alone. The ones in the sectioned off rooms. In herten saunaclub room, she gave a hacking cough and Herten saunaclub asked if she was okay: she said she had "bronkite" bronchitis? I tried to talk to her several times late that night. A second dance floor with seating would be great. I liked her, despite her performance in bed.

I spent much of the night pushing past guys, or squeezing slowly through crowded areas: it felt unpleasant. Nice to look at.

I don't mind that. She didn't remember me, but I had been with her a year ago last time I was at Mondial. She was also very quiet, looked away with eyes closed, and looked absolutely uninvolved.

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Firm, upright breasts with no support. Getting there was weird. On top of that, Violetta is likely one of the herten saunaclub and sweet girls you would meet in any FKK. To score more than. It was busy so I spent most of the times I accessed my locker at a weird angle, stretched to allow passers-by while I got my wallet. When I arrived, apart from the massive quantity of guys, was a wide variety of women.

Plenty of girls go around topless and have good enough figures to do so. I backed off: I didn't want a BBBJ from a girl with a sinus or throat infection of any sort, and said so.

Only two sessions, both were bad. I'm surprised she didn't try to take me for a second session, at least. I agree the locker layout in the change room is awful. I avoid those nights at all cost. And I really only want to be with healthy girls. Past reviews have said it's mostly a Turkish clientele, but while herten saunaclub were some Turkish guys there, there were far more whose origin I couldn't tell, and plenty of ethnic Germans including one or two younger ones like me.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Ariel: Ariel is a cute, dark-brown or bleached-black-hair girl with a upturned nose, a wide smile, and a bouncy vivacious look. I sat down with her no mean feat. This time I wanted variety so I didn't go with her, but from my memory anyone who did would be happy. Girls friendly downstairs but bad in the room. Any chance you saw Sofie who I posted a photo of in post ? I didn't session with a couple that perhaps in hindsight I should have not quite as pretty perhaps, and I have a bad habit of only going with herten saunaclub with looks I'd date in outside herten saunaclub, but probably they were better.

Not too bad, her face was herten saunaclub pretty I would have overlooked it, but the illness was bad enough I didn't continue the session. I feel guilty, but it absolutely turned me off. Renata: After Amona I was feeling like I really needed to session with someone really pretty. I finished in missionary again, but it wasn't great. Posts: Can't disagree with you that physically the place is a shit hole but better than other budget clubs like Heaven 7, Babylon, and Penelope. She gave a decent bareback blowjob not deep, but saliva and tongue. Last Jump to : to of This forum thread is moderated by Admin.

It's my second time and while the first was okay. I guessed she was new, and sometimes new girls give amazing experiences. Renata was a black-haired girl with a lovely smile and slim figure, very pretty.

She would be one of the tallest girls there well over 6 feet in shoes. I like the slim, dark look most Romanians have. I lost all arousal.

Not good. Thanks for the review, DZ. Friday and Saturday nights after pm are chaos at Mondial unless rubbing against overweight men with hairy backs is appealing.

Girls: Belle: In the corner near the entrance to the bar I met Belle, who was sitting shyly not interacting almost hiding from customers. Also avoid Wednesday nights as the screechy live band get the men overexcited. Sex however was quite bad. Some of it was that she' been working in clubs for three years, and while I'm sure that means she knows what she's doing, I wanted someone newer or younger like Belle but happier.

Club is still packed but at least it will be more girls than guys. I've left from herten saunaclub second feeling quite unhappy.

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Good enough to go back. It's always possible to have a bad luck picking the girls herten saunaclub the room. Support the Forum and Buy a Subscription Today! She was very outgoing and cuddly. Next time. The least I could do was talk and be friendly and try to make her night better, but she didn't answer much and was absolutely uninterested in speaking again.

I asked her to a room. She was pretty and herten saunaclub a sweet-girl look: if I'd met her elsewhere I'd ask her out. I tried to get her to move them and she did slightly, but not enough. But after how Belle and another girl later below were I'm regretting not taking her.

Was this the right thing to do? We had talked earlier in the night and I said I'd go with her later, so when I saw her walk past caught her eye and asked her to a room. I should have taken her to a room but I wanted time after my first, and somehow I didn't feel the chemistry.

Entry is 30 euros; you get a towel no robe and a key which is both to a large locker downstairs, and a small valuables locker upstairs. I got there about 9 PM. The place was packed.

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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I had to queue just behind the door squashed with the bouncer and other arriving guests for ten minutes just to get a key. If you go again, try herten saunaclub Tuesday. Many times I would look around the dance floor and see only semi naked men, when what I wanted to be able to look at was semi naked women.

Some slim and cute, the majority "normal", as in pretty but with normal figures.