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Naval Missions Naval Missions are still early in development. Personal Loot Personal Loot Mode Improvements Increased overall drop rates on Personal Loot mode and defeating a boss now awards a fixed of items based on eligible group size. You'll progress through a series of quests in which you'll be asked to build a Shipyard, begin an assault on Tanaan by sea, and culminating in the creation of a new forward base of operations.

New Achievement : Hintern versohlt bekommen has a new achievement that awards a battle pet, Hogs. Additionally, characters can now hold up to a maximum of 20 Seals of Tempered Fate up from Rusted strongboxes can no longer be opened and may be sold to a vendor for 50 gold.

All gear between item levels and will now scale up to in PvP combat.

Toy Box Silversage Incense now only applies its effect to the character that placed the item. Events now occur more frequently. More information will be added as development continues. Awards Conquest. Learn more about Personal Loot mode improvements and other changes to itemization in the blog: Dev Watercooler — Itemization in 6. The Adventure Guide suggests content based on a of factors, such as character level, item level, quest progress, achievements, and more.

The raid or party now sees when someone in the group wins an item on Personal Loot. The new recipes can be purchased from visiting Garrison traders. Master Pit Fighters or Arena Grand Masters, hop into the arena and defend your title for a chance to loot these hintern versohlt bekommen prizes!

Completing several area assault objectives during the event awards a sizable amount of Oil to fuel new Naval Missions as a part of the Shipyard.

Characters with Track Minerals active will continue to see mineral nodes from outside the Mine. During The Burning Crusade Timewalking Bonus Event, the following dungeons are available for characters level 71 and up. Fel-corrupted legendary pets have been spotted in Tanaan Jungle! Completing the event quest by winning a few random Battlegrounds awards Conquest Points, which do not count toward hintern versohlt bekommen weekly Conquest cap. Check out our Preview 6. Arena Skirmishes Characters will earn triple Honor points from random Arena Skirmish matches during this event.

Bonus Events The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of seven different activities granting a passive bonus to a particular game activity, and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. Learn more about the new zone in the Patch 6. Event: Collect Empowered Ore now requires 20 ore to win up from Event: Risen Spirits now requires 20 captured spirits to win up from Battlegrounds and Arenas Battlegrounds Capturing a point in the following Battlegrounds now takes 6 seconds down from 7 seconds.

A rank 2 upgrade item can now be used to upgrade a Warlords Crafted item to rank 4. Hintern versohlt bekommen several PvP Pet Battles as a part of a quest during the event awards the player with an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone that instantly levels a pet to Adventure Guide An evolution of the Dungeon Journal, the Adventure Guide acts as a hintern versohlt bekommen for other in-game Journals to make it easier than ever to find content and activities that are relevant to your character.

Garrison Buildings New Garrison Building: Shipyard See also: Shipyard Mine Mineral nodes should now only be displayed on the mini-map when a character is inside the mine. Draenor Dungeons While this Bonus Event is active, defeating enemies in any Draenor dungeon will award reputation with an appropriate faction. New Weekly Quest: Slay them All! Defeat enemy players. The final boss of the Dungeon will now drop 2 items with a chance for 3 items to drop. Completing several Mythic-difficulty Warlords dungeons as a part of a quest during the event awards a Heroic Hellfire Citadel Raid cache.

Pet Battles Break out your traps and Safari Hat, new wild pets have been spotted in Tanaan Jungle and a few other places! Schau in die aktuelle Ausgabe. Each pet can be defeated once per day for a bag of Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, which can contain pet charms, Battle-Training stones to increase a battle pet's level, and even rare pets. Seal of Tempered Fate can now be purchased from the Fate-Twisters for gold and no longer has a cap on how many can hintern versohlt bekommen obtained per week.

World of Warcraft Patch 6. The Guide is fully interactive, allowing players to accept relevant quests or search for a group via Group Finder with a single click. For example, Burnished Essence can now upgrade a rank 1 leatherworking item to rank 2, a rank 2 item to rank 3, or a rank 3 item to rank 4.

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From this new outpost, you'll go on the offense and launch assaults to undermine Gul'dan's plan to drag all of Draenor into chaos. However, your character retains all hintern versohlt bekommen your skills and talents. New Garrison Feature: Shipyard and Naval Missions Shipyard Characters with a level 3 garrison can now construct a Shipyard to take the fight to the seas.

More information will be added as it becomes available. Example : For a party of five players, Dungeon bosses are now guaranteed to drop at least 1 item with a chance for 2 items to drop.

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Apexis Characters will gain triple the amount from eligible hintern versohlt bekommen during this Bonus Event. New Dungeon Difficulty: Mythic Draenor Dungeons now have a new difficulty level deed to challenge even the most hardened adventurers with a befitting increase in reward. Defeat them and bring proof of their demise to Rukmaz, the ghostly caretaker of the Apexis vault. Collections Heirlooms New Lightforge Heirloom plate armor pieces have been added for helm, chest, and legs to complete the Intellect plate set. Keep an eye out for more information on testing dates and times!

WoW: Update der Patch Notes zu 6. Registrieren. So lange kann es gar nicht mehr dauern, bis ihr WoW Patch 6. Build ships in your Shipyard and dispatch them on new Naval Missions. Was es sonst noch gibt, seht ihr nachfolgend in den Patch Notes.

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These unstable items can be used to create the appropriate rank 2 upgrade item and refund the materials used to craft it. A quest to win several random Arena Skirmish matches will award Conquest Points, which do not count toward the weekly Conquest cap. Non-PvP gear above item level will scale down to in PvP combat. Mounts Argent Warhorse should now display correctly in hintern versohlt bekommen Mount Journal. Battlegrounds During the Battlegrounds Bonus Event, characters will earn triple Honor points from random Battlegrounds.

More information about the new raid can be found under New Raid: Hellfire Citadel. Tanaan Jungle has Open-world questing with rare creatures and hidden treasures scattered throughout the zone. General Ashran Changes Players can no longer queue for Ashran while in a raid and are now automatically placed into a raid after entering.

One does not merely stroll into Tanaan Jungle. Return them to Galissa Sundew at the docks for a variety hintern versohlt bekommen prizes.

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Emerge victorious, and you will walk away with old loot that is scaled back up to your character's level! PvP gear above item level will not be capped in PvP combat.

Professions General New Ranks for Warlords Crafted Items Two hintern versohlt bekommen ranks of upgrades have been added to Warlords Crafted items, "Mighty" for rank 5 at item leveland "Savage" for rank 6 at item level Crafting the new upgrade items requires Felblighta new reagent that can be obtained from Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning in Tanaan Jungle.

Hellfire Citadel stands at the heart of Tanaan Jungle, where 13 deadly bosses await you, including Kilrogg Deadeye, the monstrous Gorefiend, a reanimated Mannoroth, and Archimonde himself. Mythic Dungeons are on a weekly lockout, and drop gear that's item level with a chance for boss at the end to drop loot that's item level All Mythic dungeon bosses offer a chance to use a bonus roll using a Seal of Inevitable Fate the new bonus roll currency.

Rank 3 and 4 upgrade items can no longer be crafted and existing items have become unstable. First hintern versohlt bekommen to show Rulmaz 50 marks wins. The last Dungeon boss on non-Personal Loot mode received an adjustment and now drops 2 items down from 3 items. Reward Changes Winning an event now awards Honor instead of Conquest.

Mythic difficulty is geared towards players that enjoy tackling difficult content in smaller groups and is deed to provide an alternate progression path.