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Homo treff

Albrecht is an award-winning playwright, novelist and painter.

Homo Treff

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The trivium, quadrivium, baser thoughts now to efface. Just seventeen, you were emboldened, turned away plain Orange boy and made for me a consort haven in your heart, haven of joy. Chorus O Domine, O Magister — we aspiring angels sing with one tongue, forever young, let us follow better things. The agony, the righteous path to steer between the waves, the dark abyss, tied homo treff the mast.

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Seven good feet and a quarter inch, broad rails to steal the thunder. Take the high lands near and wide. Head-up code of moral conduct, never minions to deceive. Note: Parritt died in a sanitorium in Homo treff, aged 55, having just completed his meandering tome. The Christ child advent here to be seen. Proclamation, divine seed sown. O dark ploy!

Onwards to another place, a place to raise a roof.

Rationing, austerity: it did us good after the fighting. The superhighway tollhouse humbly begs your pause, so just hold fast. See, we offer contracts clear in English, plain as it appears in small print, some trifling matters: not important, never fear.

No last contrition, quite unafraid. Harry S. Roman legions wend their way through ever-widening ro of Empire. Meet in Milan and host the party, safer to sit astride the fence. Chorus Pax Britannica, Pax Britannica, rules the headland homo treff the wave. Weary head on eider pillow, horse blanket over, down to rest. Across with luggage, kids and sunscreen.

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A word in ear, free marketeer suggests you ponders, takes your choice. My sweet Victoria, your dearest Bertie; two ledger lines above the stave. I offer searching homo treff the wisdom of my years. Go no farther: access denied down byways, freeways of the past. Tallest tales for poor and needy in wide-eyed wonder at faith renewed. West bank desert doubts and fear. And perhaps, after some forty-two years, once again as a songwriter — having discovered a possible new career direction while on tour with IA.

After Christmas, he considers his plans for for the New Year. Cruel Bunter-bashing, cane-a-thrashing, lines, detention, soon forgot. Every atom of homo treff arsenal forged in distant dying sun in unholy Trinity now lends new form to plough and gun.

Empty desks and inkwells, darkened chapels, cobweb corridors silent now. Relaxing at home again with his wife The Old Bag he contemplates a future removed from from politics as an author. Now Empire spills a growing blot across the atlas, leaves its mark.

I see a screen, grey cathode tube in walnut cabinet, pride of place in holy family living room. Ducked his head with the mad-John prophet. These airy s? The hands of men in iron ships stoke their boilers, fan the spark. Homo treff battle, with wounds to lick and beaus and belles all reuniting. Piston-scraping, furnace-busting, he plays the winning card.

Strike with rock and flint and bone, follow trail and hoof. On to break the waves, with a thousand horses, turn the churning screw. Ghostly purple robes and dusty trencher, what could be holier than thou? Across with boar and elk and wolves. All across before the tides. Bubblegum and Google-bum, Facebook-frenzied social network.

We pensionable, geriatric, sun-creased wrinklies long for this earth, this realm, this England, a burial ground to fill. Homo treff am the smith. Chorus All across the Doggerland.

Meliora Sequamur: may we follow better things. These lessons writ in book of ages holy, past. Though we too steal homo treff honest wage, come lie with us, good kith and kin and dally now in sweet surrender, drown sorrows at the Turnpike Inn. All along the new straight track we plough the old fields under.

Generous in deed and promise, our emissaries make fair trade and pay with sovereign Queenly coin for goods and worldly fortunes made.

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We will win them and contain them, not with aid of Gatling gun: no hard coercion, homo treff or stick but ten good shillings to be won. Yeah — but he soon goes missing once again. The willow bat, the bowler hat of gentlemen who keep the score. Did he really say that thing? Hansa spirit will enrich us, keep us from an early grave. The seeds of Albion, wind-blown free, scattered to the moors, dormant beneath the the soggy heath where stouter oaks homo treff grow. Post-war baby-boom to fuel with post-Victorian half-dressed fumbling.

This Grammar school boy has paid the price and bought the lot. What is this book?

The palest ale, the stoutest porter fortify the heart, the breast. And rolling out across all Europe, across the mad, bad Empire world came the age of steam and engines roaring, bold brazen Jack unfurled. This sponge of pragmatic Constantine, mops them all up and wipes them clean. Chorus Hot, cast in iron, the engineer: God bless Isambard! O Domine, O Magister — we aspiring angels sing with one tongue, forever young, let us follow better things. Straight the ball and, best of all, when time is come, we take our leave.

Officer Rick will turn the trick and banish zombies — from our he. Homo treff Parritt family collectively decided to preserve his dignity by not publishing the manuscript and it lay forgotten until purloined from the attic of the family home, Cruddock Hall, by a disgruntled housekeeper. I came to woo you at behest of Uncle Leo, did my best to charm and flatter, sooth, lay thoughts of scheming Saxon Prince to rest. This befuddled, delusional obsession extends to his prophecy of future events and his fantasy imaginings of ages yet to come….

Sweet Victoria, Mother England, gracious queen whom God will save. Bold Londinium offers voice in market square and open forum. Melted mortgage, dreams that died. But dally now in sweet surrender, drown sorrows at homo treff Turnpike Inn.

Beware the homo treff, pistols drawn, who offers life for modest fee and ends his days like poor John Austin, last man on the Tyburn Tree. Back across the Doggerland, Costa villa overkill.

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In sultry peace and blood-raised anger, I hammer out my forging trade. I feed my melt-pot, homo treff carbon steely blades while coulter and the mouldboard stab and break the clod in forest glades. All across the Doggerland. Manic mother, her child gone missing: found in the temple with the elder men. Alfie, great in spirit, battle, on Somerset Levels left cakes a-burning.

Chant intro: The brash North wind strikes upon the isle of Lindisfarne. Scribed and scribbled with latitude. Now, time to bid some fond farewells and walk away from empires crumbling. Sheep and pigs amongst the hundreds, fat tithes and taxes to encumber. And these four walls to shelter us upon this blessed plot: This earth, this realm, this England — island, alone, aloof. Chorus Hard, cast in iron, that engineer: God bless Isambard! Arching palaces at Praed Street, homo treff lofty and serene; home to their maker and the two broad miles to sleepy Kensal Green.

Willy Conker, work cut out, homo treff Domesday s, marks our. On donkey colt, calm, to the Passion, knowing full well what the charge must bring.

This illustrated document summarises key historical elements of developing civilisation in Britain and seems to prophesy future scenarios too. Angles, Saxons, Danes and Normans, on the whole, a curve of learning. Long straight tracks to new horizons, gilded in soft-tinted campfire.

For right of passage, freight or message, change your horses, raise your voice in protest at the pretty penny taken for your mortal sins. Mortarboard, gown, hood and lace come guide me in learning, in ascension where minds may meet and twitters tweet in modern Latin, in declension.