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Kacke fetisch

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Kacke Fetisch

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Lady Kimi shits a big pile directly into his mouth. Of course, directly into the slave's mouth. For the lunchtime fillings, I filled him with half a liter of my morning piss in a bottle so that he swallowed large amounts of piss and poop. Experience the divine kacke fetisch cleansing of Queen Jennifer Carter, with sexy slow motion shots of the bizarre happenings! He needs some time for that. And so Mistress Carter, for the pleasure of the slave, rinses your bowels with water! Oops, it happened to me again. There is a lot of spitting today.

Now Lady Kimi squats over the toilet slave kacke fetisch simply shits in his slave mouth. The long shit sausage is in the slave mouth and all three Scatqueens animate the toilet slave to eat up everything well. There, the Mistress, your soft and delicious Kackwurst served your boar in a silver bowl! Mistress, mistress, dominatrix, doctor, pimp, teacher, fetish companion, rubbing lessons and breeder - Mistress Jennifer Carter's repertoire is as complex as pleasure, pleasure and longing on earth!

The Scatqueens laugh and place painful clips on his nipples.

A nice prelude to a dirty film trilogy with beautiful and addictive close-ups and slow motions! So that the pig also knows his place, Mistress Carter pushes the head of the sow deep into her pile and begins to feed him by the hand!

Because she loves to educate insatiable shit pig! But caviar first, classically under Mistress Carter's glass toilet chair! The slave chews and chews. In your mouth. You can lie under me.

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In between, Lady Kimi annoys the slave and always kicks his stomach, which is full of poop and vomit. That's kacke fetisch I'm finally pooping lying down again. First Lady Domi spits the slave in his mouth. That's all it takes to make Mistress Carter happy! Caviar, latex and a human toilet or simply, it's Sunday again! And I don't expect less from you either!

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Immediately, Mistress Carter rushes to the said quiet village, when she discovers a slightly confused naked man! Today I wanted to take it easy. Then Lady Domi has to puke and spits vomit in a high arc in kacke fetisch slave's mouth. For three days nothing happens and as a thank you there is a really nice long sausage for you. Today you have the great honor. Saurich has already taken place in the new rubber pool and eagerly waits for his adorable mistress!

The two Scatqueens then enjoy a cigarette and use the mouth of the human toilet as an ashtray. Light stomach cramps and the urge to visit a toilet as quickly as possible, overtake when the mistress suddenly discovered a ! After that, he looks like a fag. My caviar, my plump sausage, is looking for its way out.

Kacke fetisch a thick tree trunk, a quiet place is set up without further ado! Then the Scatqueens begin to whip the slave. Because she loves to serve her divine, delicate body excrements at the end of a busy week, to your shit cows! Finally it was that time again and I could order the swallower to myself.

Ladies room 15 meters in the left direction, sounds like the saving salvation of your predicament! Then Lady Kimi pisses in his mouth before Lady Domi shits in kacke fetisch mouth and last but not least, Lady Kimi puke the toilet slave into his mouth. My little asshole opens up and opens the garden to you for pleasure. That was a direct hit.

The slave just has to open his mouth when he hears the sound that all snot eaters know. While slave Saurich is still digesting his mistress's delicatious body excrements, Mistress Carter is already planning the next tasting of her toilet slave! And so there are snot for the slave. You have the best view of kacke fetisch sweet, hairy cunt and my tight, horny asshole.

So Mistress Carter grabs a boxer pig from your own stable and travels with him for a walk in the woods to enjoy his brown delicatessen! Now the slave no longer laughs. My little box is then well filled again. But somehow the worm is kacke fetisch there today and so Mistress Carter has to help with some water!

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There is no exception that day. Shortly shaken kacke fetisch gun Herrinnenpo by, already Mistress Carter starts with the enema party! And so it is hardly surprising that the lord of the livestock is particularly open minded, more specifically, the pig!

Looks like porridge. With a tremendous pressure you shoot the slave your remaining intestinal content, in his wide open toilet mouth! Mistress Carter still kacke fetisch room in your pigsty, who would like to !? Even a little kick in his balls makes him cry. The huge pile of shit must now be eaten by the toilet slave. Three servings just waiting to have fun with you! Because even if it seems that the mistress has completely emptied, it requires a thorough deep cleaning!

This grunt, the piglet is allowed to jerk off his little pig tail! With such a great consistency that it stands like one. To you. The slave grimaces. Unfortunately, the summer is coming to an end, so Mistress Carter has only a few days left to educate your pigs in the wild! Unfortunately this time we only had time for 4 fillings, but, I think, as greedily as he swallowed my poop, he would have lasted a few days longer. The Mistress has little inhibition and so is the Klomaul, even the same time put to the test! Merely to be bored with your slave kacke fetisch boredom and to prevent a lack of concentration, the mistress always thinks of kacke fetisch forms of administration of your slave feeding!

After all, he has already managed a turd sausage and all the piss to it.

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This sight alone leaves your tail standing up, but there's more to come. A really big load. Bravely he gave the key of his chastity to me and was really looking forward to swallowing the shit of his Mistress again completely. Everything is finally eaten up by the Scatqueens. But he eats everything. The Scatqueens always have new ideas. Mistress Carter walks with her dog, kacke fetisch a small forest near Berlin, when she feels uneasy! Of course, I still offer you a really cool prospect.

So on the leather stool What else could you do there: P. In the last part the slave lies on the floor and has the task of eating kacke fetisch rest of the puke and poop from the floor. But his body is not too short and so there is a shower a'la Carter has washed! And while Saurich is already lying in joyful anticipation under the loo-throne, the mistress first lights a cigarette to relax your divine bowel, to push the brown gold into the wide open mouth of your toilet! As it seems, here in the woods a slavery is a living toilet! Then pissing and shitting. And you greedy pig swallow everything, every little bit!

And so it has become almost a recurring routine for Saurich to help his Mistress kacke fetisch the weekly relaxation! So his stomach fills more and more with shit and piss. The toilet slave kneels naturally and gets eyelashes glued on.

But the Scatqueens are generally impatient.

In the end, the slave gets the whip to feel that he is writhing. She laughs.