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Professional musicians work in a high decibel environment in which hearing loss, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to sound, and sound distortion can result. Traditional earplugs will not work for the professional musician, as they reduce sound by muffling low-to-mid-range frequencies. Many products are available that will even enhance the music experience.

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Discover why industry-leading companies around the globe love our data. IPinfo's accurate insights fuel use cases from cybersecurity, data enrichment, web personalization, and much more. IP address details. Useful for Web Personalizationand Financial Technology. Privacy Detection.

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Product examples.

Temperature measurements on small transformers are determined via the winding resistances in accordance with EN This box enables quick measurements. Fully automatic unit for long-term tests on household appliances.

Connector for transformer testing. DC power supplies are equipped with passive, unregulated, precisely dimensioned rectifier circuits. Your technical contact for power supplies.

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Laboratory DC power supply with 5 outputs 24…Vdc W; capacitor smoothing with discharge device. Laboratory load resistor decades with and without fan.

Thomas Bremer: E-mail: thomas. Railway power supply.

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For product-specific questions, please contact Mr. Thomas Bremer. Together we can clarify the last open questions regarding your enquiry.

Power supply in repair plant for local trains V dc 50A. Especially for EMC laboratories, we manufacture devices with generously dimensioned line or safety transformers with reduced losses and low core losses. Device construction AC and DC power supplies.

More product examples - around the laboratory and test field. Power supplies.

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Regulated, stabilised with digital displays of setpoint and actual value for U and I. Load resistors in decade arrangement of 25, 50 or Watt power resistors; e. Output up to Vac 50Hz 16A with setpoint current or kontaktbox berlin. BREMER Transformatoren develops devices for power supply with direct and alternating current, which are especially suitable for laboratory and test field.