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Kv sexualität

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Kv Sexualität

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Google Scholar Criminologie50 1— Criminologie 50, no. Based on a review of the scientific literature, this article examines how viewing and creating child pornography can be understood dynamically and suggests that a motivated child pornography offender, in acquiring new knowledge and techniques, goes through many stages that ultimately lead to sexual abuse of children. The limits and implications of the study are discussed.

Social learning and social structure : A general kv sexualität of crime and deviance.

Keywords: Online sexual offenders, scripts, child pornography, child molesters. Scripts theory makes it possible to understand the particular sequence in which different types of crime may be committed. While researchers have traditionally been interested in crimes kv sexualität property and individuals, this study analyzes a new form of crime, that committed on the Internet.

It is important to note that only a small proportion of individuals who follow the steps described in the script kv sexualität move on to the next step : the focus here is on the context and not on any causality between the steps, as the latter has not been demonstrated.

Google Scholar.