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Ladies bergisch gladbach

Borussia Monchengladbach's under coach Heiko Vogel was ordered to train the women's team for six sessions as part of a "punishment" for his "unsporting behavior" during a match earlier this year, according to a report from ESPN.

Ladies Bergisch Gladbach

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Ladies bergisch gladbach miles further South from Emerson College is Nutley Hall, a living and working community and care home for adults with special needs with a great bakery among many other endearing facilities. Newton Dee Camphill Christa Macbeth, These marked the very first performances of the Ensemble in Scotland. The intense double-show schedule on the first day of the tour was followed by a Sunday off.

The eurythmy teachers and the hosts tirelessly cooked, accompanied, and shepherded the group through the three memorable days, including having one of their choral groups sing for us during the lunch between performances! Despite the steadily encroaching changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, limiting the of people in the audience, we were still able to perform to a sold out hall ofwhich included the performers and staff. The Frankfurt Waldorf School is the second ladies bergisch gladbach Waldorf School in the world and has over a thousand students.

We enjoyed practicing or learning German, and feel it had been a truly fruitful cultural exchange! One postgraduate alumna of ESV drove 9 hours there and back the same evening, just to see the performance! Personally, I thought we might have lost them with the American humor, yet, we received heartfelt thanks and the program was well enough attended despite the unconventional time of day. We would like to take you along with us, as we remember some of the wonderful hosts, communities, and landscapes that formed our journey.

Then, one of our main hosts Joan took us to a dramatic cliffside, where we climbed down to the pebbly shore to enjoy the light of the sun on the water and the sound of waves rushing through the pebbles. We would like to share with you a picture of the exuberance and resourcefulness of our students to hold a birthday celebration in two feet of snow, outside, distanced, and moving five-pointed stars. At both venues, we were met by very gracious audiences, who were attentive to every movement. Again our hosts were amazingly supportive.

There was also a lively discussion with interested students after the high school performance. Forest Row in Bloom Christa Macbeth, The next venue of the Forest Row area was Nutley Hall, an independent, adult residential community ladies bergisch gladbach people with learning disabilities.

We visited the delicious bakery, watched the ducks waddling around the grounds, sat quietly, and admired the stained glass in their Chapel. Students asked intriguing questions about gender roles in eurythmy, as well as what is involved in the process of creating the evening program.

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They have a beautiful hall, well suited for eurythmy, and we enjoyed giving three performances there to all of the students, as well as an evening program to the ladies bergisch gladbach. We had two well-received performances at the Edinburgh Steiner School on Monday morning and early afternoon for the students there, and concluded the day and the UK leg of the tour with the evening program.

Humbled, and feeling undeserving, I also felt the ificance of what the readership of this article strives for, and that human beings are seeking it. While the tour began at a fairly ladies bergisch gladbach pace, the final week and days intensified rapidly, with at least one to two performances every day in four different venues.

One even took the time to give us a tour of Cologne Cathedral and a lookout point with a degree view of the city. Our movement may have been a bit squeezed. After our final performance in Cologne, we drove on to Loheland, a rustic old village full of charm, where we gave a public eurythmy workshop in the morning on March 4 at the Loheland Waldorf School.

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The touring ensemble wanted to stay another night, but we had to move on and drive to Frankfurt right after the evening performance, arriving at the Frankfurt Waldorf School well past midnight. Little did we know how much the world was about to change in just a few days. The humoresques were very much appreciated, and the Ensemble received vivid drawings ladies bergisch gladbach the fairytale from the younger grades.

We also enjoyed the beautiful stage and piano at the Phoenix Centre, the lovely accommodations, and the delicious meals provided! The Ensemble is grateful to all of their generous hosts for an incredible visit to the UK, and we look forward to bringing eurythmy there again in the near future. We had a day to explore the beautiful city before hopping over the pond to Germany. Or on stage, backstage, eating, sleeping, doing a little shopping, checking in with the ocean, or meeting the gracious curators of artistic eurythmy who welcomed us into their homes and schools—all gracious, in spite of the greeting that became necessary by the time we made it to Frankfurt.

It was a palpable co-creative process in the evening, with a full house, despite the dangerously high winds and downed trees! After a short rest, we already began rehearsing and setting up that afternoon and evening. With a new set of rental vans, we reacclimated to the right side of the road and wheeled our way up to the Witten-Annen Institute for Ladies bergisch gladbach Pedagogy, where Elsa Macauley offered a workshop for the 4th-year eurythmy students, and the Ensemble performed for an enthusiastic audience. It was astonishing to see how much they were able to take in through the eurythmy, even when the story itself was told in English.

We gave a workshop to the students one day, and an evening performance on February 28 at the Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy at Witten-Annen, where we were met by a lively and interested audience. The generous hosts showered each ensemble member with a ladies bergisch gladbach rose after each performance.

There have been stunning moments during the pandemic that have reminded us of the creativity and resilience that eurythmy builds in all of us. We shared The Cat and Mouse right in the little octagonal room of the kindergarten; the children loved it so much that the short tale had to be performed twice! A teacher also mentioned how she felt that the content of the high ladies bergisch gladbach program really met the students, while the third grade teacher shared how lively and excited the children were about the fairytale.

Lindisfarne Ivi Esguerra, Lindisfarne Christa Macbeth, Northumberland Cliff Venho, After growing more accustomed to driving on the left side of the road, we arrived safely at Newton Dee, where we were very well cared for by our hosts and the Newton Dee Camphill Community.

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Sharing our early childhood ladies bergisch gladbach in the nearby kindergarten was a special pleasure. The hosts were incredibly generous. It was both a miracle and a gift of grace to be able to complete the tour, to arrive home safely and in good health; and even when the world had gone topsy-turvy, to still feel the protective powers of angels guiding us through our work to bring the healing and refreshing powers of eurythmy to others.

Click on the image above to view on YouTube; or click on the video below to watch on this. Two hundred miles later, we settled into the Newton Dee Camphill Community in the Dee Valley, on the River Dee, on the Southwest edge of the city of Aberdeen, where we stayed for five nights. The following morning we set off for the Bergisch Gladbach Waldorf School near the city of Cologne, where we were beautifully hosted by dear friends known from Spring Valley now teaching in the school, and by new friends ladies bergisch gladbach welcomed us to their homes.

The room was holding its breath; the standing ovations at the end did not want to end and the people did not want to leave. On the last day in Scotland, we walked via the quaint canal to the old town, roaming the cobblestoned and winding streets ladies bergisch gladbach Edinburgh, with fantastic views of Edinburgh Castle, puttering about the shops on the Royal Mile, enjoying a leisurely birthday lunch for one of the Ensemble members, and taking in the stained glass at St.

It was also Shrove Tuesday, celebrated by pancake races in Scotland.

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We performed on the small stage of a baroque hall, from which the piano was not permitted to be removed, in the nearby town of Fulda, which prompted some stagecraft ingenuity. And we had a roaring three-bow applause in the afternoon.

In the evening, we performed at a beautiful Baroque Hall in Fulda, an old college town about twenty minutes away.

We were very well cared for by our host families, complete with snacks at our pillows and elaborate Sunday breakfasts. There the Ensemble gave a lovely performance of The Lady and the Lion. And so we left Frankfurt with over two-dozen long-stem roses and travelled to our final venue at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. I really think they had never seen anything like it before. They were engaged and very open, and friends came from near and far.

The ladies bergisch gladbach smiled upon us as we enjoyed a beautiful drive up to Aberdeen, Scotland, interrupted by a visit to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, off the Northeast coast of England. The school is considerably well-attended by young people, including many originally foreign to Germany. After a day of rest, taking in the Scottish coast and castle by the sea on Saturday, we drove to Edinburgh on Sunday.

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We made it home safely, narrowly missing the travel ban from Europe. Or in the air. The 36 hours in Dornach were rich, exciting, and full of happy reunions. Nutley Hall Christa Macbeth, Then came an epic drive from southern England up the east coast to Aberdeen, Scotland, stopping for a few hours at Lindisfarne, the Holy Island, an ancient Celtic site where St.

The island is only accessible at low tide, and while driving along the roadway to the island, we saw a baby seal playing on the sand! We are forever grateful to them and the very many whose words and deeds made these events possible. We have had a warm and wonderful reception here from both the hosts and audiences alike.

On the final day in Cologne, the students were ladies bergisch gladbach attentive during the two performances by the Ensemble: The Lady and the Lion for the grade school, and a shortened version of the evening program ladies bergisch gladbach the high school.

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Our first performance was of the evening program on a Sunday at 4pm to the public. After a delicious pancake breakfast from tireless hosts, we drove through the wind and the misty rain and some massive puddles down to the sea to the Seven Sisters: tall white cliffs towering over the waves.

We said hello to the piglets and cows, and enjoyed the thick mossy grass under our feet.

Kind words about the eurythmy offerings were received from many Newton Dee Community members, including a longtime coworker who helped to found Camphill in America. Please enjoy this birthday initiative of our third-year student, Rachele Perticari, and videographer, Tim Lee, called Snow Stars.

These dear friends bought groceries, helped iron all of the costumes for the evening program, kept us company during rehearsals, lent an expert eye from the outside, and cheered us to the finish line with great warmth and camaraderie. We followed the spicy cheese biscuits to a beautifully cared for property and squeezed our fairy-tale program onto their ladies bergisch gladbach stage for a delightfully responsive audience.

The Ensemble gave a joyful performance to a very appreciative crowd, also filled with many friends from near and far. On Monday morning, we gave a speech and tone workshop to the 10th grade, who had many questions to ask about eurythmy and life in the United States. It was truly a wonderful way to end the tour.