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Ladies forum dresden

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Ladies Forum Dresden

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As a result of the House Rules, people with invalidity permits, must make an inquiry first.

A very special attraction of the Frauenkirche is the ascent to the dome and the viewing platform. Visitors access the church via entrance G. From there, they make their way up the first 24 metres using a lift.

Opening hours Currently closed. Concessions apply to children yearspupils, students, those on unemployment benefit, pensioners proof of eligibility required. Ascent to the dome.

This attraction is both physically and administratively separate from a visit to the church as it is offered by the company, Ascent to the Dome of the Frauenkirche Dresden GmbH. The schoolchildren's group discount applies to 6 or more pupils proof of eligibility required ascending together and who are accompanied by a supervising adult. We ask and thank you for your understanding.

The Ticket Service also will receive orders for a postal delivery of vouchers. For every 10 pupils, one adult can access the dome at the reduced student group rate.

This is available at the box office of the dome rise at the entrance G and at the visitor center of the Frauenkirche. Next, the route upwards is via narrow stairs. Dear visitors.

There, a unique view over Dresden and the surroundings opens up. Visitors then negotiate a spiralling ramp, which is a stepless spiralling rising walkway that circles the outer dome two and a half times.

Robust shoes are also necessary. The visitors make their way via two further stairway sections — one of them a steep ladder stairway — to the 67 meter high viewing platform. How about Social Networks.

Families should note that children under the age of 6 are not allowed to undertake the ascent. Groups can ask for a guided tour if booked in advance. It requires a good health byelaws.

Make a present of a coupon fo r the ascent to the dome. Information: Please do not underestimate the strenuousness of this ascent. As much as we'd love to welcome you to the ascent to the dome of the Frauenkirche Dresden, we have to keep the doors shut due to current regulations.