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Ladies landshut de

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Ladies Landshut De

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Mair, Dr. Martin Chancellor in Duchy Bavaria-Landshut,humanist and politician.

A realisation of the historical music of Joculatores Minstrel and music group who play at the Tavern at the Steckengasse. Brown, white and grey. Falkner Duke Georg was himself a famous falkner and hunter. The Emperors trumpeters are mounted.

The bridegroom sat at the Emperors side,while the bride dined with her mother-in-law. With the same group as the religeous and church officials. He was burried in the convent of Seligenthal in Landshut. Gambe Viola da gamba Stringed instrument.

During the wedding week it is recorded that oxen, pigs, Hungarian sheep, lambs, calves,11, geese,40, chickens andeggs. It has over members! Hans Seybold was the Wedding Chronist and completed it in It is to be found in the Bavarian State Library in Munich.

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The court tutor and Marshall were also with the group. Hedwig took rest by Margerethe in Wittenberg. Archbishop Bernhard of Salzburg performed the wedding ceremony at the high alter of St. Martins on November 14th Martinspfeifer Group of players at the festival.

Among other things it was seen as an oportunity to set up a bastion against the Turks who had conquered Constantinopel in Atzung Available for participants and guests at the camp and jousting fields on the River Isar. He appears in the festival play. On the morning of the wedding he brought the Emperors wedding gift. Elisabeth was born a Habsburg.

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The Emperor also needed help from Duke Ludwig. A highly political affair as it were. She lived as Duchess in Burghausen where she gave birth to five children of which only two girls survived. Herold They announced the rules of the tournament prior to the joust. Bassa Capella soft musical instruments Ensembles of wind and string instruments.

The armour was inspected by officials before the tournament. Gesinde Servants and court staff. Deutschordenskomture from Gangkofen and Blumenthal Members of the German monastic orders. Hofkapelle - Court musicians Landshut Court musicians. Fahrendes Volk-Vagabunds and Gypsies Festival group at the end of the procession. Krummhorn Curved wooden wind instrument.

The wedding of Hedwig and Duke Georg was in fact of great political importance. A music group at the wedding.

Ladies landshut

Gaukler Acrobatic artists and jugglers who perform during the festival. They can be seen in the procession. Hofkasten Gothic store- house in the upper part of the Oldtown. Fahnenschwinger - Flagwavers A festival group with wave,and throwing flags. Dudelsack —Bagpipes Wind instrument with bag or Sack. Haug von Werdenberg The Emperors officer. Christoph der Starke Christoph the strong. Martinskirche - St. Martins church.

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There were horses in Landshut at the time of the wedding! Singers and musicians who play in various concerts and dances. Junker Young aristocrats.

Escorted by a large following at the wedding. Since he has escorted Ludwig in the procession.

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Thereafter Landshut lost its independance. Oats for horsefeed was distributed here. Kammerfrauen Women volunteers who work for the association, especially with costumes and acesiors. Lagerplatz - Camp Rest place for the participants on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Chrotta A square shaped string insrument of celtic origin.

Notable places in the area

Some flags bear the emblems of the royal guests. Acted as master of ceremonies during the wedding. From to the bishops were on horseback. Harnisch-Suit of armour Suits of protective armour worn to avoid wounding in battle and injury at the jousting tournament.

Mauerkircher, Dr. Maximilian Escorted his father the Emperor. Hallo This is the way the participants of the wedding greet the guests and visitors. Georg der Reiche.

Cantorion Vocal ensemble. In the procession carried in a sedan-chair. Fundus - Costumes and requisites Sum of the costumes, weapons,carriages,wagons and all the things that have been made for the ant. They offered their service in many ways.

Busine trumpeters. Georg died on December 1st in Ingolstadt. They were travelling from Cologne to Vienna.

Margerethe accompanied the bride to Landshut. Busine Long thin trumpet. First seen at the wedding of the Hungarian King in Burghausen Old Dukes residence and family seat of the Bavarian Dukes of the Landshut heritage ladies landshut de the 14th century. Grasser, Erasmus A Munich wood sculptor. Marketenderinnen Women who travel with the mercenaries and other groups. The reason for the War of Succsession in Hedwig died on February 18th and is burried in the chappel of the Cistercian convent in Raitenhaslach.