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Lady leona

This download still requires a copy of the physical game to play!

Lady Leona

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Tried to avoid it. Read at your own risk.

Name: Gladys
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Each journal definitely has its own unique style and aesthetic. Share This .

Search form. Casual Game Insider. The game comes with instructions on the personalities of all the characters and even suggests styles for costumes if you want to dress up in murder mystery party fashion.

Lady Leona's Last Wishes is one of the first two games to be released belonging to this line. Category: Reviews. But it is not, actually, fully cooperative, which could disappoint some players who buy it on the strength of that claim.

Crimes & capers: lady leona's last wishes – a mystery puzzle game

Slight spoiler alert: The biggest issue with the game comes down to a labeling problem. All the guests have gathered, hoping to inherit from her will.

Tweets by CasualGameRev. The riddles and puzzles in the game are light but engaging. We enjoyed the story in the game, particularly the reading of the journals.

Terms Privacy. The story is light but enjoyable, and we liked the setting of the traditional English manor house.

Nothing gets destroyed in the game, and there are instructions for putting it back together to pass on to somebody else. Lady Leona has died. Writing for Casual Game Revolution. Add new comment.

Crimes & capers lady leona's last wishes content download (requires base game)

Purchase Subscribe. Additionally, the game even has a system to support playing online, so long as at least one player has the physical components.

Subscribe to our newsletter Subscribe below to add some awesomeness to your inbox! A lockbox is set in the middle of the table along with a small handful of materials that players get to start with. Please support our sponsors.

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Is it any good? I am also interested in Sponsorship and marketing opportunities. A few changes to the game are discovered as you play and more materials are unlocked. Everything else stays in the box for now.

The instructions tell you which characters have to be played if not playing with a full player count. Like us on Facebook.