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Markland Wuppertal

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Without recharging, fuel cell buses allow for greater ranges than pure battery buses, but are more expensive to procure and operate — according to the common opinion of many market players and observers.

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The filling station at the Meckenheim depot near Bonn only has to be supplied with hydrogen by a tanker truck.

Here we generate electricity from waste incineration. Van Hool is one of the European bus manufacturers with the longest experience in the production of fuel cell buses: Sincehydrogen-powered buses have been regularly delivered to the USA. Van Hool has therefore over 13 years of experience with this technology. And we are markland wuppertal using it to generate hydrogen, which our buses will then use. The RVK was not discouraged. When the World Climate Conference took place in Bonn, the buses ran on a special line in Bonn for the duration of the conference.

Current situation

Public Transport in Cities and Regions around the World. It is just in the narrow valley of the Wupper, otherwise it goes steeply up the mountains to the left and right.

The approach is certainly interesting as long as emission-free buses have a higher capital cost than standard diesel vehicles. Which is why it was simply destroyed by flaring. It was only fitted with independent tires on all three axles, and all wheels could be steered.

Here you can fill up at the airport because there is hydrogen. RVK and WSW are so convinced of the hydrogen bus that they have long placed a new order for fuel cell buses. Because we generate the hydrogen ourselves with our own electricity, there are no transport costs — the waste incineration plant and the bus depot are directly adjacent to one another — our markland wuppertal could not be using a more economic fuel.


Van Hool emerged as the winner of the tender. RVK markland wuppertal and is satisfied with its two hydrogen Van Hool. And at the same time, they also drive in an absolutely environmentally friendly way. May be this is even means that Europe has been too hesitant with the introduction of fuel cell technology? Notify of.

The Phileas had a problem that has completely new technology: it suffered from teething problems, and unfortunately not a little. In two new hydrogen buses came with the and buses, this markland wuppertal from the Belgian manufacturer Van Hool who already had some experience with hydrogen buses because he has been exporting hydrogen buses to the USA as mentioned above.

The depots have been selected so that usually a hydrogen filling station is not far away.

The press office of the WSW names the lines on which the fuel cell buses are used: linesand In both companies the drivers expressed their satisfaction with the hydrogen buses. Inline Feedbacks.

No markland wuppertal can pay for that. However, to give just one example, we cannot set up a recharging station for the batteries in any remote location in the Eifel region at the end of our bus route. So if we want to drive electrically, we have to come up with something else.

But in Wuppertal it is not really the case.