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Meine frau will nicht blasen

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Meine Frau Will Nicht Blasen

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Ich hatte keines. Ich hatte jeden Morgen keines, weil ich jeden Morgen auf die Frage wartete. Die Liebe hat sich als Frage verkleidet. Im dritten Jahr war es mit der Gleichheit der Tage vorbei. Ich hatte an diesem Morgen von zu Hause Tulpen mitgebracht und arrangierte sie in der Vase.

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Grafen, Edle, Freie von Brabant! All attempts to find the lost youth proved futile; when I pressed Elsa with threats, her pale trembling and apprehension proved to us her terrible crime. Thus do I call loudly and clearly: Elsa, appear at this place! May God grant me wisdom! Not for nothing have I journeyed here to you! Elsa nods her head in affirmation Do you recognise me as your judge? Elsa sinks to her knees, praying fervently. Sie naht, die hart Beklagte! Was hast du mir zu vertraun? Here am I, here is my sword! The herald gives a al and the trumpeters once again turn to the four points of the compass HERALD Let him who has come to fight in the trial by combat for Elsa of Brabant come forward!

Gott lass mich weise sein! Elsa erblickt Friedrich meine frau will nicht blasen Ortrud, erbebt, neigt traurig das Haupt und bejaht Was entgegnest du der Klage? He who dared make such an accusation against her must be quite sure of her guilt!

Hier steh ich, hier mein Schwert! Gebt ihr nun Fried und Folge dem Gebot? Things do not bode well for her! Richte recht! What have you to confide to me?

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I am told of confusion and wild feuding; thus I call on you, Friedrich of Telramund! Elsa looks at Friedrich and Ortrud, shudders, bows her head sadly and nods What have you to say against the charge? Now it is time to defend the Empire's honour; East and West, to all I say: let every acre of German soil put forth troops of solidiers, never again shall anyone abuse the German Empire! Die Mitte bildet einen offnen Kreis. ELSA She still looks enraptured; everyone watches her in expectation I will wait for the knight, he shall be my champion! ELSA without looking up Yes! Gott allein soll jetzt in dieser Sache noch entscheiden!

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Imagine, O King, my grim sorrow, when I was robbed of this my honour's jewel! I speak the truth, being incapable of deception. Zum Gottesgericht! You hear the charge, O King!

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Wes ich sie zeih, des hab ich sichren Grund. The river curves into the background; the view of it is obstructed on the right by trees, and it is visible again further off as it winds its way into the distance In the foreground king Heinrich is sitting under the Judgement Oak, next to him are Saxon and Thuringian counts, nobles and soldiers comprising the king's levy.

Her crime was reliably testified; but to have to dispel your doubts with a witness would truly offend my pride! In the furthest marches of the realm you bade women and children pray: "Dear Lord, save us from the wrath of the Hungarians! Thus do I accuse her of a secret amour: she clearly thought that, once rid of her brother, she as duchess of Brabant could rightfully refuse the vassal her hand and openly tend her secret lover.

I come to remind you of the Empire's plight! I was seized with a horror of the girl; the right to her hand, granted me by her father, I willingly renounced there and then and took instead a wife eho pleased me: He introduces Ortrud, who bows before the king Ortrud, scion of Radbod, Prince of Friesia. Brabantine Counts and Noblemen. Mit Grausen werd ich der Klage kund! Der sie so schwer zu zeihen wagte, wie sicher muss der Schuld er sein! Do you willingly obey his command? How could such crime be possible? Pass rightful judgement!

ELSA In splendid, shining armour a knight approached, a man of such pure virtue as I had never seen before: a golden horn at his side, leaning on a sword - thus he appeared to me from nowhere, this warrior true; with kindly gestures he gave me comfort; I will wait for the knight, he shall be my champion! I have right on my side! ELSA quietly transfigured staring ahead of her Lonely, in troubled days I prayed to the Lord, my most heartfelt grief I poured out in prayer.

ELSA starting sadly ahead for a while My poor brother! Must I first tell of the scourge that has so often visited German soil from the East? I freely admit that you are meine frau will nicht blasen the highest virtue; in nobody's possession but yours would I wish to know Brabant. Elsa turns towards the king, looks him in the eye and, by means of a trusting gesture, confirms that she does Then I further ask you: are you aware of the serious charge that has been brought against you here?

Do you remember how I have served you, how I defeated the wild Dane in battle?

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Ordeal by battle! Is she dreaming? Composers Operas Links Forum About. The accused approaches! I have sound reason to make the accusation I do! Drum ruf ich klagend laut und hell: Elsa, erscheine hier zur Stell! They are headed by Friedrich of Telramund, next to him is Ortrud.

How grieved and saddened I am to see that without a prince you live in discord! Let the trial commence! And from my groans there issued a plaintive sound that grew into a mighteous roar as it echoed through the skies: I listened as it receded into the distance until my ear could scarce hear it; my eyes closed and I fell into a deep sleep. The Duke of Brabant lay upon his death bed when he ased his children to my care, Elsa, the girl, and Gottfried, the boy; faithfully I tended his great youth, his life was the jewel of my honour. Let it begin!

Brabantische Grafen und Edle. Opposite them are Brabantian counts and nobles, soldiers and people. Heinrich, King of the Germans, has come to this place to confer with you according to the law of the realm. What peculiar behaviour!

He is surely a long way off and could not hear! Welcome, welcome, O King, to Brabant! Is she enraptured? The king's herald and four trumpeters proceed to the middle. How this accusation fills me with horror! DM's opera site. Um ihre Sache steht es schlecht! Who of you dares fight against my honour? Elsa neigt das Haupt bejahend Erkennst du mich als deinen Richter an? But now this period is over, the taxes are being denied us and with threats the enemy is arming itself. How resplendent, how pure she looks!

He who fights for it would be wagering a great deal! The middle ground comprises an open circle. With God for the honour of the German Empire! One day Elsa took the boy to the wood for a walk, but she returned without him; feigning concern she asked after her brother, for, having strayed a little from his meine frau will nicht blasen, she could not, so she said, find him again.

And I rightfully claim this land for myself, since I am next in line to the duke and my wife is of the house that once gave its princes to these lands. She is followed by women, also dressed in simple white clothes, but they initially remain in the background at the extreme edge of the Judgement Circle MEN Behold!

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ALL THE MEN They draw their swords, the Saxons and Thuringians plunging them into the ground in front of them, the Brabantians laying them flat on the ground May the sword not return to the scabbard until it sees justice done through judgement!

We will only fight for you! I know you to be a man of the highest virtue, speak now, that I may know the reason for this strife. The herald comes forward with the four trumpeters; he orders them to the four points of the compass, they proceed to the edge of the Judgement Circle and sound the call HERALD Let him who has come to fight in the trial by combat for Elsa of Brabant come forward!

I shall consider myself happy if he takes my possessions - if he wishes to call me spouse, I shall give him all that I am! Ich kenne dich als aller Tugend Preis, jetzt rede, dass der Drangsal Grund ich weiss. Verwirrung, wilde Fehde wird mir kund; drum ruf ich dich, Friedrich von Telramund!

Auf meiner Seite bleibt das Recht! Elsa gestures, implying the answer "nothing! Welch seltsames Gebaren!