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Mitbewohner sex

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Mitbewohner Sex

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May 5, AGreatUserName Co-living persons? Nobody says that! A vast majority of linguists refuses to use that kind of typing.

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But it can mean specifically a male person by contexti. Using this kind of typing or not using it intentionally is a political or ideological decision.

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May 9, Shamisensation Hannibal-Barkas Learn German in just 5 minutes a day. That's a weird way to say roommate US Englishhousemate, flatmate.

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Unfortunatelly some people state "Mitbewohner" would only or preferably include "male people" which is not a choice by grammar but by ideological position. As a non-American, the American word roommate sounds to me mitbewohner sex someone who shares the same room as you like in depictions of college life in American movies, where people literally share a bedroom and that is the only context I would use it in, but in American English, it just means someone unrelated who you live with, like housemate or flatmate in other dialects of English.

I'd say "Mitbewohner" is ok, because - grammatically - its grammatical gender does not automatically refer to a biological gender. Unfortunatelly I kindly have to disagree.

Mitbewohner sex people'd use "Mitbewohner" for mixed groups, but "MitbewohnerInnen" and "Mitbewohner und Mitbewohnerinnen" is becoming more and more common. In German the term is often used for 'WG' so you can also translate as "housemate" or "flatmate". Using a colon, as in Mitbewohner:innen is taking over because the colon is compatible with Braille readers.

For free. Not exactly.

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In official correspondence I'd use one of the forms above, though. Just for your info: There is now a shift away from using the asterisk.

May 8, It was to explain what is 'Mitbewohner' in German not to explain 'roommate'. Usually I reply to such people: "If you don't want to make babies with me, my sex gender? As soon as one male is amngst them, you will get "die Mitbewohner".