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Nachtclub leipzig

But then we hear it — a deep, pounding bass emanating from behind a tall metal fence. First timers would understandably be sceptical, but beyond the fence is a tree-filled paradise where disco balls dangle from branches, wooden platforms double as dance podiums and DJs play from what amounts to a tree house. The event, which finishes at 10pm, is hugely popular, although the team behind nachtclub leipzig only have permission to stage five Katermukke Open Airs a year.

Nachtclub Leipzig

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Here you can find out where they are.

Transport in Leipzig Public transport Parking Bicycle Electric mobility Carsharing No matter which means of transport you travel around with — Leipzig will move you. From night to day in Nachtclub leipzig. But also structural measures, such as the renovation of the old trade fair houses and inner courtyards, as well as the increase of footpaths, promoted this development.

Leipzig's nights are long

Creative Leipzig Creative Leipzig Leipzig is a trendsetter - Leipzig's creative scene is unparalleled. Discover our travel packages! The phenomenon of the outdoor seating culture also existed earlier, but the development got a boost after Catalysts for this were the urban strategy of the "pedestrian-friendly city centre" as well nachtclub leipzig the generous administrative approval for outdoor seating.

And yes, the "footpath tables" are the ideal place to see and be seen.

Tours and experiences These tours offer you the maximum Leipzig experience in a short period of time. Accommodation Whether you are on holiday in the city or the region, you will always find the perfect place to stay.

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You will find what you are looking for on the KarLi, whether for a quick after-work beer or an extensive pub tour. This term, which is associated with beer gardens in other cities, holds cult status in Leipzig.

Museums Experience art and history in countless museums and galleries. What would Leipzig be without its outdoor seating culture and trendy streets? Experience Leipzig in 1, 2 or 3 days Here you will find some inspiration for your short stay in Leipzig.

Nightlife in Leipzig. Theatre, cabaret, vaudeville Theatre Cabaret Paradise No matter what you're after - in Leipzig you'll always be well entertained. Leipzig's pub and club miles.

Leipzig Region Leipzig service hotline. Nights in the naTo. Shopping Stroll around, buy and linger - in Leipzig, shopping is an experience.

Find your new favourite location. The high concentration and variety of locations gives Leipzig its unique atmosphere.

Forget everything around you

The heart of the city beats here, and if you want to feel its pulse, a stroll through Drallewatsch is an absolute must! Welcome Cards Experience a lot and pay little nachtclub leipzig your stay thanks to our Welcome Cards. Whether it's a pub crawl or just leaning against the bar, dancing to hip-hop, electro-pop or disco music - here you will find a selection to suit your taste.

Here, there is something for everyone. Small "disadvantage": The large amount of trendy bars, quaint pubs, iconic clubs and nightclubs will not make your decision easy.

Leipzig's nights are long A night owl in Leipzig will always find an opportunity to turn night into day. The top 10 things to do in Leipzig list will help you to decide.

Nightlife in Leipzig Leipzig is a night owl paradise.