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Later in her career, she worked as an architect in Houston and Austin and taught at the University of Texas. Natalik de the time she was ten, de Blois had already decided to become an architect, a career path supported by her father, a civil engineer, who encouraged her early interest in buildings.

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Natalie has been an attorney for over 40 years, serving the Seattle metropolitan area for over 20 years. Natalie's legal career began with the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare as a lawyer representing the federal government in Black Lung suits.

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White Rabbit eliminates the need to plan and coordinate your night out ahead of time. Wireframe Wireframe. If a certain of friends accept then a taxi is automatically booked to pick them up. We will create very few of these, since the costs are the highest. Professional Winner.

Professional Runner Up. Professional Notable. It was very important for us that the hassle of organizing friends, choosing a location and coordinating transportation was eliminated from our service. The second type of events will be partnerships with existing venues, where we will natalik de some interesting twists to existing places and experiences to make them unique.

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In. By natalik de a Core77 you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use. Please and we will send an to reset your password. Unlike other event booking services, White Rabbit provides a service that is:. An example of this would be creating a reproduction of a s speakeasy in an existing bar.

We propose White Rabbitan experiential event service that allows users to spontaneously book mystery outings with friends. K Reset Password Please and we will send an to reset your password.

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White Rabbit will be available at the times when people want to go out. Our service takes you to unexpected interesting places and activities. Our service works through an app where users can invite friends, book tickets, and get transportation to and from surprise events.

The first are White Rabbit exclusive events, where entire experiences are crafted from scratch. Keep me ed in Cancel. The taxi driver is updated by our system and knows where to take them, but for users the destination will remain a mystery until they get there.

Once they have sent an invite, their friends will either accept or reject the invitation. White Rabbit does the rest.


With White Rabbit, we will get millennials everywhere off the couch and on their way new experiences. Student Runner Up. Student Notable. Username Password Forgot password?

With White Rabbit an entire night must be as easy to set up as calling an Uber. We will create three types of events. It natalik de aimed at people who find it difficult to coordinate activities with friends and end up staying at home or doing the same thing weekend after weekend.

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To book a white rabbit experience, users must use an Uber-like application where they choose the natalik de they want to invite and the price level of the activity. Don't have an ? Cancel. These experiences are currently available, but often not at the top of mind when thinking of going out.

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User Natalik de User Journey. Market Research Market Research. Finally, the third type of activities will be currently existing experiences such as the trampoline experience here in Chicago or the jellyfish night at the aquarium. Fun and Exciting. Our aim is to provide fun outings with friends, but not just that, we want White Rabbit experiences to be out of the ordinary and everything but mundane.

White Rabbit makes it easy to organize activities with friends while taking you to unique and exciting experiences. Business Model Business Model. Now. Already have an ? We plan to natalik de by offering the service on Fridays and Saturdays, but we aim to expand into other days of the week as we grow.

Project Overview Project Overview. Student Winner. However, despite the amount of available offerings in a place like Chicago, choosing what to do, and coordinating with friends can be overwhelming which in people doing the same activities at the same places week after week.

White rabbit

We will offer three types of events, White Rabbit exclusives, currently existing events, natalik de partnerships at local venues that have been intervened by White Rabbit to have an extra flair. White Rabbit is an experiential event service that allows users to spontaneously book a mystery outing with friends. All they have to do is select a group of friends to invite and choose a price range.