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Peepshow bochum

The central subject of her work is the human body and its traces peepshow bochum different textures, in the materials of the stage in language and in the memory of the narrative ego. The voyeuristic viewer finds himself in an unusual position: he watches the performance from below, situated on a horizontal level, one beside the other.

Peepshow Bochum

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She was a permanent member of the ensemble of the Schauspielhaus Bochum and also appeared in German and US films. When she was two years old, her parents moved to Dortmund, where they had an engagement at the Dortmund Opera House.

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His work has been exhibited both in Europe and the U. Ann Arbor, Michigan U. Educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Eastern Michigan University, her photography characteristically portrays spaces with strong psychological and emotional charge as a means of exploring contemporary American culture.

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His pictures are characteristically saturated with colour, with exaggerated lighting and extreme depth peepshow bochum field. He often finds or applies abstraction to mundane subjects provoking the viewer to complete the peepshow bochum of a piece. His work and attitude not only mark the passage between centuries, but also a way of understanding art and creation, which, between the pleasure of living and the exercise of intelligence, led to a breakthrough in the concepts and procedures of artistic production.

Initially influenced by tradition, he later turned to a less formalist, more intellectual approach, involving optics, mechanics and the game of chess, and also pleasure and desire, on the whole questioning the bourgeois status of the work of art. Florida U. He has won widespread recognition for his celebrity portraits. In he began to work as freelance for magazines such as Fortune and Esquire. He is known as one of the greatest masters of street photography, due to his skilful combination of natural and artificial lighting.

His exploration in this direction focuses on identity, especially sexual identity, constructed and constrained by society and its physical spaces.

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Puertollano, Ciudad Real Spain Since the peepshow bochum of the s she has been a professional photographer. Jeff Burton. He has thus documented the closure and disappearance of public urinals in the series Unearthing the Public Toilet, places with strong sexual connotations, and the houses of Palm Beach Views which, at first sight, look impersonal, devoid of any individuality. The absence of the regular inhabitants of these places is another of the recurring elements in her pictures, produced with long exposures, in which colour is also used for expressive purposes.

He mingled with prostitutes, pimps and vagrants, portraying them in an unusual and effective way. In he won the Grand Prix Nacional de la Photographie.

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As in his Buff series, peepshow bochum a silhouette in the foreground in contrast with its background is indicative of this ature style. A void replaces what ought to be present, or rather, what is expected, thus rendering the commonplace abstract by denying the image its original function of entertaining the voyeur.

Anaheim U. Burton began his career as a still photographer for pornographic films, many, though not all, of which were about homosexual themes. In he produced the project.

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His shots usually depict everyday street scenes and interiors, in which people are surprised by the camera lens as they go about their daily routines. Go explore.

Next. Subsequently, he began to focus on the settings of his nocturnal walks, hence his famous photos of cafes.

She has undertaken several research projects on fiestas, rites, social customs and traditions in different countries from Haiti to the U. Her work has peepshow bochum shown in private galleries and state institutions in Europe, the U. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Places such as spas, motels, sports centres, medical treatment rooms, sex shops and whorehouses, provoke. The Other Place is published by Twin Palms, He is represented by Casey Kaplan, New York.

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Important politicians, writers, artists, actors and musicians have been captured by his lens. Cristina Garcia Rodero. Hartford, Connecticut U. Educated at the University of Hartford, School of the Museum of Peepshow bochum Arts of Boston and Yale University, he worked in the Hollywood film industry before moving to New York to work as assistant to professional photographers, from whom he learned the techniques of advertising that have had a transcendental influence on his work. He is represented by Galerie Neu, Berlin.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia.

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His work has been acquired by collections all over the world and it has been the subject of innumerable solo shows since Marcel Duchamp. New Haven, Connecticut U. In his work he peepshow bochum the vocabulary of minimalism and post-minimalism, mixing pop iconography, homosexual culture, underground aesthetics, music and film.

Tom Burr. His photographs regularly appear in the most prestigious periodicals and he habitually contributes to Vanity Fair.

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His interest in the dual personalities of artists, questioning traditional art, the influence of fate, seduction, sex and voyeuristic tendencies, in addition to his iconoclastic and ironic peepshow bochum, make him one of the most important creators of the 20th century.

Charles Cohen. New York U. Cohen uses video, digital imaging and sculpture in addition to traditional photography to explore various aspects of a central theme: the presence of absence. He has had solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries such as Franco Noero, Turin and Sadie Coles HQ, London, and he has participated in important group shows all over the world.