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Peniskäfig tragen

Beispielsweise soll die Absicht verdeutlicht werden, dass dem devoten Partner fremde sexuelle Kontakte verboten sind oder dass er nicht ohne das Wissen und Beisein des dominanten Partners masturbieren darf.

Peniskäfig Tragen

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This is a technique every new keyholder must develop. Almost everything blogged about male chastity discusses sex. When you are done, lock him up again, pat his butt and send him on his way.

Gute Sissys tragen Lippenstift auf, wenn sie alleine sind. Es ist ihm verboten peniskäfig tragen mit ihm zu spielen. However, if you go by the various blogs and forums, caged males are getting a lot more sex than guys who are not into chastity. Setz dich auf sein Gesicht nach dem er in dich hinein gespritzt hat, lass ihn deine Hand ablecken oder gibt ihm einen Zungenkuss! If you lock them up peniskäfig tragen ignore them, they think that their desire to get off will continue to grow. The way to do this is through regular non-orgasmic teasing.

While its off, check for chafing or irritation. The objective is to get him close to orgasm without letting him get release. She was giving me more orgasms than I wanted so if she left me wild out of my cage there was absolutely no chance I would want to do anything sexual without her. Komm, mach es mir. Leggings und Nylons sind unabdingbar! Remove his cage.

When I began my lockup, one of the things peniskäfig tragen surprised Mrs. Lion was that I had regularly masturbated throughout our marriage. Whatever time it takes to make him desperate for release, that is how long he should have to wait. That, after all, is the real core of all those chastity fantasies. So the first point is that as keyholder, you want to instill in your caged male that if and when he orgasms is completely up to you.

It makes sense, since there are few interesting things to talk about when locked up with no stimulation. It may seem cruel, peniskäfig tragen a key component of enforced chastity is to keep your caged male in a continuous state of heat. Oh boy!


If you want, tell him to let you know when he is close. Getting him very aroused is just as good as bringing him right to the edge. Non-orgasmic activities Many males believe that they will always be horny.

Peniskäfig tragen kannst auch ein Zahlenschloss verwenden. The semen dripping out is caused by the fact that ejaculation was aled, but you stopped before the stimulation needed to get his PC muscle to squirt it out was triggered. That might actually be true. Most keyholders become expert cock teases. They learn how to bring their males within millimeters of an orgasm and then stopping.

However, within ten seconds you will see semen dripping out of his penis. Ruined Orgasms A ruined orgasm is when you stimulate your male just over the edge and stop. The obvious cure that he will almost certainly suggest, is to never let him come again.


Du kannst ihn an den Rand eines Orgasmus bringen engl. Just be sure to lock him up first. Some males insist that after they orgasm, they revert to their former, inconsiderate selves. Males have to exercise self control. That brings me to the first sexual issue that a couple entering in peniskäfig tragen enforced male chastity experience has to confront.

Or, if you like, lock him up and have him lick or finger you to as many orgasms as you like. Be that as it may, the entire point of being caged is the transfer of sexual control to the keyholder. Vielleicht lasse ich peniskäfig tragen heute Abend. Du kannst ihn auch knebeln. For some men, particularly young ones, this can take a week never less!

You will be surprised how many positive attitude changes these waits will produce.

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Once uncaged, masturbate him. If you keep it up long enough, he will actually lose the ability to come for a while. Just remember, no orgasms until his release date! If you find any, consider leaving him peniskäfig tragen until it heals. I did surrender sexual control to her. It may take a year to get it through his head, but your male will learn that he really needs sex and anything he does to make you extend his waits is just not worth the bad behavior.

That is possible, but definitely curable. When we first started, Mrs. Lion reasoned that if she peniskäfig tragen my penis and controlled my orgasms, then she could make me come every day. Er wird es tun. Wenn doch, dann musst du ihn sein Sperma auflecken lassen.

More practically, if after he comes, his behavior changes for the worse, just add at least a week to his wait. Watch him carefully.

This question is where the rubber meets the road between the male chastity fantasies, and the cold reality of long-term lockup. So, she tried that. If you are peniskäfig tragen to enforced chastity, chances are very good that you are wondering how to use your lockup to best advantage. Few males actually live out this fantasy. I did manage to convince her that perhaps making me wait would be more in line with what I had in mind when we started. Remember, in terms of your power as keyholder, time is on your side. The setup for this is up to you.

While he may think it is for his fun, your real objective is to keep those hormones flowing and reminding his body peniskäfig tragen what it is missing.

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Just smile when he comments. She agreed. You will see him react strongly but appear not to orgasm. The most common, and easiest way, is by masturbating him. He could be humping the bed to orgasm while he licks you. Schieb ihn einfach etwas zur Seite um die schwer zu erreichenden Stellen zu peniskäfig tragen. To send this message, you have to make him want sex so badly that he will do anything to get you to make him come.

For older men, the wait may need to be two, three, or even four weeks. Frequency: making him wait is power Most male chastity fantasies imagine few if any orgasms. Es wird empfohlen die Vorhaut mit Superkleber zusammenzukleben, damit er nicht versucht auszubrechen. Tease him any way you want. Peniskäfig tragen had to accept her reasoning. Du musst ihn lehren, dass er keinen Orgasmus haben darf.

Another was that my lockup was pointless. Ok, you have him naked and on his back. Every day without an orgasm should feel like it is lasting forever and he should grow more and more desperate for release.

You also want him to understand that if you are not happy with him, he will not orgasm. This peniskäfig tragen true up to a point, but the fact is that if a man or woman is not sexually stimulated, over time the desire for sex will diminish and eventually disappear.

As time goes by, he will begin to realize what a big deal it really is. Das betont deine Kontrolle und stimuliert seine Frustration. The male is locked up and must spend the rest of his life sexually satisfying the keyholder while he never ejaculates again.

In many cases, the caged male ends up waiting for orgasms longer than he would if he could take things into his own hands. She exercised her power by giving me more sex peniskäfig tragen I wanted. What is the appropriate amount of orgasms the caged male should get? Er wird wahrscheinlich Freude an der Keuschhaltung haben. Wenn er keine hat, muss er nackt schlafen. You can do this over and over as many times as you want.