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Taboo Geschichten

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A restless retired woman teams up with her deceased neighbor's maid to seek out a man who has a secret connection to her past life as a farm owner at the foothill of Mount Tabu in Africa. In. Play trailer Drama Romance.

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In Mannbarkeitsriten and Angst und VorurteilBleibtreu-Ehrenberg further chronicles the re-enforcing influence of Western colonialism when Indo-European cultures began globally expanding from the Age of Discovery and Age taboo geschichten Conquests on, thus explorers and conquerors again came upon Shamanic cultures partly involving ritual fertility and sexual cults, and Europe simultaneously encountered the wide spread of syphilis through these new cross-cultural contacts just when modern science began to dawn.

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Prefacein: Erich Bethe Summer,pp. These three successive strata were the following:.

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Its roots and cultural elements can be traced back taboo geschichten millennia into Eurasian culture, and were originally based on the subsequent overlapping and conflict-ridden superimposition of the three basic ethnic and cultural strata see stratification archeologysocial stratificationand archaeological horizon underlying all modern Indo-European taboo geschichten.

The third is an analysis of the common modern scholarly debate around the ritual killing of criminals regarded as altogether ignavi et imbellis et corpore infames "cowardly, unbelligerent, and perverted" by proto-historic Germanics as taboo geschichten by Tacitus in his Germaniawhereupon Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg first remarks that the complex issue of common Western homophobia as apparent in the presented material must be analyzed at a wider, more interdisciplinarian scope.

From there, Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg traces the genesis of homophobia via a of historical derivations which exhibited increasing levels of rationalization:. Only three exceptions are mentioned where the purpose of slander is not immediately obvious: Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus in the third volume of his Outlines of Pyrrhonism mentioned a tribe of Karmans among whom "lewdness between men [ Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg identifies it as one of many examples of Sextus Empiricus's often-used rhetoric device of applying the most absurd properties to people, places, and other objects simply for the purpose of demonstrating basic rules of logic.

Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg thereby also demonstrates the strong numinous taboo regarding same-sex activities making them a near-unmentionable vice, as no rational explanation for this taboo geschichten is ever provided, these activities are invariably depicted as negative in themselves. Instead, in regard of the Kurgan hypothesis and what Gimbutas saw as " Old Europe ", Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg considers these three components as the result of successive superimposition of what originally were the above-mentioned three different cultures, with Indo-European culture in Europe and the Middle East since the Iron Age as the result.


Download as PDF Printable version. For instance, Semitic cultures never adopted an Indo-European language in spite of the obvious belligerent, sensually repressive Indo-European influence found in Abrahamitic and Semitic cultures.

Finally, as Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg relates in Angst und Vorurteiljust as colonialism and the rise of syphilis had compromised the scientific Enlightenment approach to sexuality, the impact of HIV corrupted post-WWII progressive counterculture 's influence on Western society's attitudes towards sexuality. See also Three-age system.

The immediate cause of Indo-European homophobia, misogyny, and patriarchy was an ethnocentric culture shock when Proto-Indo-European tribes encountered the highly sensual Maternal Megalith Culture in general, and particularly last traces of Shamanic ritual transvestism and sex change absorbed within this culture.

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These processes also fostered ethnocentric beliefs of Indo-European moral superiority over "uncivilized", sensual, and "filthy" taboo geschichten see for instance the saying of the White man's burden of being morally obliged to "civilize" non-Westernerssocial and ethnic "aliens", and marginalized minorities in a complex process of interior socio-psychological, cultural structuring of human sensual desires on the one hand, and foreign political and military colonialism of these desires on the other hand. See Proto-Indo-European society for details.

Hidden : Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June Articles with permanently dead external links Articles containing German-language text Articles with German-language sources de. According to Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg's socio-psychological, socio-historical interdisciplinary approach to the topic of taboo geschichten, drawing from research fields such as cultural anthropology, religious studies, ethnology, philology, and linguistics, the ethnocentric prejudice towards particularly male same-sex attraction and activities in the history of Western, Indo-European cultures is intrinsically identical to misogyny, thus originally gave rise to, and until the modern age maintained, patriarchal structures of Indo-European society.

The second exception is a note by Posidoniusquoted in Diodorus Siculus 's Bibliotheca historicaon Celtic sleeping customs which Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg attributes to a misunderstanding of traditional separation of the sexes in daily life.