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Tattoo celle

By Melissa Elise Randall, Editor.

Tattoo Celle

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Ignorant tattoo style is massively popular right now. The style centers around simplicity, just line work without coloration and DIY look.

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As Celle Est, a video creator for educational tattoo-related content, explains in a YouTube videoignorant tattoos are characterized by simple des. Asked why he set down his spray paint tattoo celle and picked up a needle instead, the Parisian told Vice that, "It was an evolution within my own creations.

According to Tattoo cellethe style began trending in Paris, France, thanks to the work of ex-graffiti artist-turned-tattooist, Fuzi Uvtpk, who first turned he with his own version of the ignorant tattoo back in the '90s. Now that we've learned how to spot an ignorant tattoo and learned of its origins, we're ready to appreciate these simple des out in the wild.

Not tattoo celle the creation of a piece of art on someone's skin, but the creation of the experience that comes with it," he added, via Vice. Most recently, the artist has made his mark by tattooing Hollywood actor, Scarlett Johanssonwith a cartoon-drawn horseshoe and the words "lucky you," according to the Evening Standard.

Three decades later, Uvtpk is still hard at work tatting away. Though the ignorant tattoo trend features simple des, not everyone who can draw stick figures should be deing this type of ink.

The phrase "ignorant tattoo" might seem to have negative connotations, but really, you're just tapping into a specific style of ink. I brought my own style — the 'Ignorant Style' — to graffiti in the '90s and became famous for this.

The subject matter of ignorant tattoo des tends to be ironic and very tongue-in-cheek," Celle Est adds. In this case, ignorance in the shape of a tattoo is less "lack of knowledge" and more "ironic.