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Michel Perrottet. Andreas Petermann. Single author.

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Jacques Calmet. An attempt to evaluate renormalized radiative corrections by computer.

D 3 Jacques Calmet Marseille U. Jacques Soffer Marseille U. Antoine Visconti Marseille U. Jacques Calmet Provence U. Date of citing paper. Peter Stoffer.

Peterman CERN. Martin Hoferichter.

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B 56 B 58 B 53 Recoil corrections to muonic atom energy levels. Bastian Kubis. Best wishes for the season! David A. Xavier Calmet. KIT, Karlsruhe, Dept.

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Xavier Calmet Sussex U. Published in: Phys. Barrett Surrey U. Owen Provence U. Calmet Provence U. Grotch Penn State U. B 47 A new value of the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron.

of authors. Exclude RPP. Exclude Review of Particle Physics. Published in: Mod. A 26 DOI cite.


Learn more. Contribution to: 1st European Conference on Computational Physics.

Perrottet Provence U. Published in: J. Sixth-order radiative corrections to the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron. A Distance between physical theories based on information theory.

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Toichiro Kinoshita. Advisor: A. Research works Cited By. Date of paper.

Howard Grotch. Calmet CERN.

Calmet Utah U. Published in: Comput. Marseille, CPT. Provence U. Utah U. Karlsruhe U. Delaware U. KIT, Karlsruhe. Eduardo de Rafael.

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Marseille U. Most Recent. Stephan Narison. Calmet Delaware U. Contribution to: Theoretical Physics Meeting Calmet Karlsruhe U. Visconti Karlsruhe U. Borie Karlsruhe U. Contribution to: Colloquium on Fundamental Interactions, in honor of A.

Visconti Calmet Marseille, CPT. Owen Ben Gurion U. Published in: Z. Perrottet Marseille, CPT. Published in: Rev. B 61 The anomalous magnetic moment visconti karlsruhe the muon : a review of the theoretical contributions. Roger C. Jacques Soffer. Muon g Gilberto Colangelo.