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Was ist whats fuck

Last edited on Jul 15 Submitted by Leo C. The "-A" is a long A.

Was Ist Whats Fuck

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The Word Of The Year is…. Please help. Fuck boy, boy. Harlem boy, boy. InT.

Name: Barbara
Jahre: ich bin 33

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It's a vulgar way to say i don't care.

Cancel Add my Slang Add Another. Someon who is acting stupid or standing out just go get attention. See fuck tardretardartardpokemon cards. Retard: hey guys you wanna see my pokemon cards Me: shut up no one cares you fuck nugget.

Was zur hölle ist das?

Random Words:. Fuck Nugget Edit Meaning.

See fucknuggetbootydefecatepoo 7. The little ball of dried spooge that's left on your pube's after sex the night before. When Chris woke up the morning after his encounter with Armondo the pool boy, he found his pubic hair loaded with fuck nuggets.

Swedish profanity

Random Word. Cancel Save. The semi-professional art of doing of nothing productive.

See fucknuggetfucktardassholedipshitfuckerasswipejackass. See sky 2.

The tiny ball of poo that comes out of a girl's booty while she is being plummeted by her man's "member" when she has to defecate. The most boring place in the entire province of Ontairio. A stupid, fucking, useless dumbass. After a long night of sex, I woke up to find a fuck nugget stuck to my sheets. Apparel may include "dudding trousers" pyjama bottoms and a ".

Some person that completely sucks. The fact that it has a 3-way football war on and it's were Florida send. What is Fuck Nugget?

Skyler Hanks is a fuck nugget. Can also be used to degrade someone.

I was at the like and I saw an aplast by the shoreline!!! See fucknuggetbootydefecatepoo. An exclaimation of something that is either good or bad 1.

Definition of fucking a

Layton Davis is such a Fuck Nugget. Fuck Nugget! Cancel Send. .