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Wie schreibt man mädchen an

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Wie Schreibt Man Mädchen An

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In German we have two main indefinite articles: ein and eine. Here I explain this topic in German: Unbestimmter Artikel ein eine. Tip: If the article of the singular noun is die you use eine otherwise ein.

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There is no answer for this. This lesson is about the German alphabet.

How to use indefinite article in german – exercise a:

The three genders of German nouns are: masculine examples for masculine nouns are Junge boy or Mann manfeminine e. Bitte buchstabieren Sie. Wie schreibt man Meyer? Views Read Edit Edit source View history. Try to spell your name out loud.

How to use the german indefinite articles

The forms of the definite and indefinite articles for nouns of the three genders are given in the following table. Das ist der Lehrer. Assistant: Thanks. Reading room forum Community portal Bulletin Board Help out! In fact, almost all words with the ending -chen are neuter. How do you write this? There you always write double s instead, even after long vowels. Section I. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

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For pronunciations of all the letters, go to the pronunciation guide. How do you spell Meyer?

Problems: Working with the dialogue. Translation to English: Assistant: Directory assistance, hello. Und wer ist der Mann? By now you might be familiar with the tasks: Translate the dialogue to English. Translate from English to German: why?

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Please spell it. Franz: Hello, I would like to have the phone of Mrs. Claudia Bolliger from Berne. I would like to have the phone of Mrs. Susanne Meyer from Berlin. Problems: Vocabulary. Problems: Translation. Wie schreibt man das?

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The grammar part is about articles, the vocabulary about question words, and the translation is very similar to the dialogue of this lesson. Read and listen to this short phone conversation. Assistant: How do you write the name? Try to read it aloud.

The translation of words and phrases is given below the text. Die Nummer lautet Category : Book:German.

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Policies and guidelines. Level I Lessons. Translate the following phrases using the correct article.

Fill in the blanks in these conversations. Namespaces Book Discussion. Translate from English to German: Hello! The umlaut changes the sound of the vowel. In German, however, there are different forms of each type of article.

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The test consists of three parts: grammar, vocabulary, and translation. For plural nouns the definite article is always die and as in English there is no indefinite article for plural nouns. In English and German, there are two different types of articles: definite articles the and indefinite articles a and an. Another difference between German and English is the umlaut. The is Problems: The German Alphabet. The 26 letters in both German and English are shown above. Franz: Of course. Listen to the recording without reading and try to understand the meaning of the words.

Listen to the recording without reading and write down the dialogue in German. Read the dialogue aloud.

German/level i/bitte buchstabieren sie

Problems: Grammar. If you want, try to get your time under four seconds. We also have a closer look at the word order in questions and at articles. In this case, the form of the article depends only on the gender and singular or plural of the noun.

For example: der Fuss the foot. Spell others' names out loud, too, until you get the hang of it. Here we discuss only the articles of subject nouns the most important nouns in sentences, which are in the so-called nominative case.

Problems: Articles. Recite the alphabet as fast as you can.

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