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The federal election is just around the corner. A considerable share of the vote comes from Bavaria.

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And if you don't want to miss any more Bayern-specific news, subscribe to our Bayern newsletter, with all the important topics of the day from your.

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What follows is a very long list with all 46 constituencies and their layout. With the second vote, you choose the state list of a party; the majority in the Bundestag is determined from all votes nationwide. Their order on the ballot paper is based on the second votes obtained in the federal election. A list of all xxl fürstenstein candidates in your constituency can be found as a link in the constituency list above. Steigerwald, Burgwindheim, Ebrach, Lisberg, Priesendorf. So that the federal election remains democratic, every constituency in Germany should have roughly the same of voters, otherwise the vote in the tranquil Miesbach in the Oberland suddenly counts ificantly more than in Munich.

The black lines denote the national borders, the blue the borders of the districts and cities, i. That is why xxl fürstenstein constituencies' layouts change a little every four years and they do not correspond to the political boundaries. On September 26,all Bavarians eligible to vote over 18, primary residence in Bavaria and German citizenship will vote a not inconsiderable portion of the German Bundestag. Federal election News from and for Bavaria - as well as all down to the community level.

With the so-called first vote, you choose your direct candidate. From the city of Xxl fürstenstein, districts 01 to 13, 22 to 30, 64, 65, 70 to 87, 90 to 95 other districts in constituency District-free city of Schwabach and from the city of Nuremberg the districts: 14 to 21, 31 to 55, 60 to 63, 96, 97 remainder in constituency Federal Parliament election in Bavaria: list election and direct candidates first vote and second vote. Theoretically, this form of voting would also give non-party or independent candidates the chance of entering parliament.

Regardless of whether or in which place it is on the state list. The latest Bavaria poll September 1 to 6, on the federal election showed xxl fürstenstein historically bad result for the CSU. It is a representative telephone survey in Bavaria with respondents in the period from September 1 to 6, The CSU fell below the 30 percent for the first time.

City of Hof, district of Wunsiedel i. All in all, decisions are made on 92 of the members of the Bundestag in Bavaria.

These direct candidates run in the constituency of Bamberg. Either way, all direct mandates in the federal election went to the CSU. In the urban constituencies in particular, candidates for the Greens certainly have valid chances. Source: merkur.

Speaking of facts and figures: You can find all the news on the topic on our large Bundestag election topic. All news articles on Vaccination pass: debates in front of the Assembly will this evening T Submarine Hunter: This is the bat helicopter that crashed Israel today T The Turkish regime arrests dozens on the pretext of their involvement in the coup attempt T Prepare for emergencies in the Xxl fürstenstein Year T The Ariane 6 rocket on its way to Kourou for tests T Swordsman found outside the dormitory of xxl fürstenstein disciplined forces in possession of weapons by a broker has been reduced to 18 months on appeal T In front of Yingtung Village, Tung Chung, public housing units are proposed to be built for high-rise buildings looking to the sea T Extinguishing a house fire in the Hamidiya neighborhood of Homs T Coronavirus disease.

These direct candidates compete in Munich-North. Atomic plans: Gabriel reprimands "Maulhelden" - but has Germany already lost the quarrel with the EU? Major fire xxl fürstenstein the Upper Palatinate: warehouse burns out completely - two people injured T Winter storm left more thanwithout power T A whole meal in one pot: Chili con carne stew on a campfire in the field - Walla!

And if you don't want to miss any more Bayern-specific news, subscribe to our Bayern newsletter, with all the important topics of the day from your Merkur. In practice, the German apparently likes to cross the same party twice and rarely even knows the names of the direct candidates in his constituency, which tends to lead to the victory of the direct candidate who belongs to the most popular party.

Another would be that the CSU candidates simply put all other direct candidates in all 46 constituencies in the shade. Of course, this is only a theory. Until then, please find out more about the election campaigns of all parties in Bavaria at Merkur. These direct candidates compete in Munich-East. Xxl fürstenstein addition, we will inform you in around 15 regional news tickers from almost all districts in Upper Bavaria as well as from Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau and Augsburg about the developments on election day and the day after.

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If you want to get your bearings first, you will find a map from the Federal Statistical Office here:. Explosion of a building in Sanary: the prosecution claims that the gas had been opened T Stone throwing as an act of terrorism: Indictments were filed against a young man and a minor xxl fürstenstein East Jerusalem Israel today T Kochel: dog bites cyclist 43 T The 5 things you should know this Tuesday, January 4 T Scholz versus Baerbock: Chancellor makes Putin a top priority - and foreign minister an extra?

On election day and the days after not all will be available on Sunday evening you will find all regional xxl fürstenstein of the Bundestag election in our data tool see above.

You will be kept up-to-date with our regular newsletter, either for a specific region or for the whole of Bavaria. Xxl fürstenstein T Corona vaccination range: 42 children receive an adult dose T Now a first responder unit is also waiting for operations in Dietersheim T Edeka: Price dispute with Granini escalates - "Food must not become a luxury good" T The Limited Times.

As well as the communities of Forchtheim district:. Whoever wins the majority of the first votes in the constituency moves into xxl fürstenstein Bundestag. It's not that simple. Federal election in Bavaria - in which constituency do I actually vote?

In the following you can read the Bavaria surveys before the election, the current at constituency and municipality level in Bavaria, as soon as they are available. Good question! Cook from the field T What is the best travel pillow? A look at the xxl fürstenstein of the state elections in Bavaria in shows a growing Green electorate in the cities. These direct candidates are running.

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These direct candidates compete in Freising. The federal election in Bavaria: An overview of the 46 constituencies, the direct candidates, pre-election polls for Bavaria and current on election day. You can find from your region in our around 20 live tickers from all over Bavaria on Merkur.

Where the line is purple, the constituency boundary and the district boundaries coincide; where it is colored red, the constituency boundary deviates from the district boundaries. You can read all the news, background information and curiosities in our Bundestag election live ticker for Bavaria. Furthermore, we ran them here on election day and all election for Bavaria at constituency and community level: But back to the topic. Furthermore, we ran them here on xxl fürstenstein day and all election for Bavaria at constituency and community level:.

Federal parliament election in bavaria: tailoring the constituencies, parties, candidates and regional

For example, the Freising district already includes the entire Freising district, but xxl fürstenstein the Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district and parts of the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen district. It is therefore considered to be the more important one because it directly determines the percentage of people in the Bundestag.

Let's move on to the constituencies. These direct candidates compete in Ingolstadt. There are 46 constituencies in Bavaria, in which the respective voters vote on a list and a direct candidate. Novak Djokovic he to Australia after receiving "exemption permit" T Heavy snowstorm sweeps over the east coast of the USA: Hundreds of thousands without electricity T Surprise for Xxl fürstenstein New kindergarten will be ificantly more expensive T Hung Hom private car crashed into a police car and escaped, news that the year-old driver is wanted T A new variant with 46 mutations has been discovered in the south of France Israel today T The winning mix on the way to her mortgage: Expertise, Flexibility, Creativity and Humanity Israel today T The bosses of El Trenico, a narrow gauge train with the soul of a woman T After devastating diagnoses: the seriously ill is given notice xxl fürstenstein the apartment - now he is threatened with homelessness T Trivia Day forced us to play French fries pop - Walla!

And current surveys for the constituencies in urban areas in Bavaria also show that the race will be close. These direct candidates compete in Erding and Ebersberg. Then there are the xxl fürstenstein mandates and probably not too few of them, after the long overdue electoral reform has turned into a reform, which opens the door to an XXL Bundestag.